★★★Top 10 Funny Baby and Kids Videos 2012 – 2013 Chapter 1

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PART 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kx_FUDYDsu0
PAST VS PRESENT: FUNNY COMPILATION: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4xfgp…
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Abdulrub Sheikh says:

super babies:)

Yağmur Yar says:

I love you funy baby

Shaun Pearson says:

Holy cow that “mommy I’m mad” girl is so frickin’ cute 🙂 

Celeste Diaz says:

Wuaa me isieron reiir hasta no parar muyyy bueno jajja

Jenny & jesse graham says:

★★★Top 10 Funny Baby and Kids Videos 2012 – 2013 …:

RAY says:

The singing baby is now a guitarist lol

Văn Vũ Lâm says:

giong con gai nha tui qua hai ba con van thuong hay dua nhu the

marixa310 says:

baby number 8 looks like conan o’brien lol idk why but he so does

DragonDraws MC says:

6=me when I’m eating breakfast and I just got up, the joys of

Daniel Mota says:

Nice video

Hamad Almree says:


MsKermithefrog says:

Omg I LOVE the last one but the one where the baby is laughing because the
dad is ripping paper it looks like the baby might pass put she is laughing
do hard!

Linda Larson says:

The last one is so Cuteeee!!!

Alyssa Rosa says:

The first one is the best

Laurie Smith says:

The first one IS THE BEST ONE

juan lopez ramirez says:
Linda Larson says:

I think i’ve seen mommy im so mad!

nonsense2846 says:

the four babies, omg~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

R1CHARD2013 says:

Gotta hand it too babies with there stupid little hands that cant reach

Houssem Hizi says:

120 dickheads 

Houssem Hizi says:

120 dickheads 

Cindy Szvetecz says:

laugh and share

Nicole Osborne says:
yasmen ahmed says:

what are you mind ??

Logan Owens says:

I don’t get it about number 9

XxCreeperzxX says:

hahahahhaahh lol

Julz Marie says:

3:43 LOL

adjia sambe says:

Aww. The harmony of all 4 babies laughing

Alharbi5 says:

I love the 7 one

NeyKinah Da Silva Santos Jr says:

its amazingg..

Heather Ancheta says:

on number 5 in the back round is Caillou lol

Anna Suon says:

Oh my omg my contact lense :baby)mhmmmm

nicole j says:

I laughed with the quads the most


harika beaaa

mark quintos says:

omg lol

Destiny Sanchez says:

the 1st vid freaking hilarious “OH MY CONTACT LENSE!”

Cemplank Reodan says:

Number 8….is funny

Dylan Guffey says:

OMG cute

yan091589 says:

31초에 한국말로 사랑해라고들림

Ryan Alvis says:

Very funny

ImagineRed says:

#2 is gonna be a rock star he woke up drumming lol

xXx Smosher,Directioner&LovaticForeverxXx says:

The 8th and 7th baby is cute 😀

kiarejohn20 says:

Ooooooh so cute

Finn Mertens says:

If I had to choose the funniest baby video in the world, it would
definitely be #1.

SuperStonie123 says:

Ahh, ripping bills brings joy even to children….

Shannon Roy says:

Hahaha I LOVE the last one!!

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