Babies Eating Lemons for First Time Compilation 2013 [HD]

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Babies Taste Lemons For The First Time | Babies Trying Lemon for the First Time | Babies Eat Lemons for the First Time Compilation | Baby Eats Lemon | Babies Tasting Lemons for the First Time


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Nani Torres says:

I like how everyone is like “Giving fucking lemon to your baby is abuse!”
Bitch how!?
It is fruit, lemon is not harming the baby in any way!
The faces they make is something that is normal because of the sourness. We
also make them for the same reason. And parents videotape funny moments
with their kids! It is normal. Your baby wont be 11months for an eternity,
so why not keep a memory?
I’m a 90’s woman, and my mom has tons of videos of my brother and I. Heck,
my brother has a picture of my dad giving him a sip of beer (bless his
soul). That picture is tresured by my brother, and just in case you were
wondering he is a healthy non alcoholic person. So you all sensitive people
stop it because it makes me pissed. You don’t have kids but you are fucking
smartasses on the subject because you look it up from unreliable sourses.
It is called EXPERIENCE bitch.

Dᴀʀʟᴜʀ Nᴀᴍsɪʟʟ says:

Wow one of the parents had given their baby an earring, wtf.

funnyplox says:

+Isabelle Amanda A lot of parents have done this to their babies, your
parents probably did it to you. No one remembers this kinda stuff, no harm
is done. How can you not find joy in this video?

Rain12000 says:

Why do babies look like old people

Boxa Don says:

I wish all these babies die and get eaten by dogs.

tatli meleyim says:

ahh yerim bn sizi…

sandynyc1 says:

the babies are cute but something is wrong with the parents, lol.

Hani Hussein says:

Hmmm what a cute little bby♥♥

Sarbjit Kaur says:

Babies Eating Lemons for First Time Compilation 2…:

Sandi Fathers says:

so cute..and lemons are good for harm at all.

Shaheema Khadeejah says:

Cute babies ,,tried this with my nephew too 

Dark Lies says:

To all those who think that just because people film their baby eating
lemons or tasting something that has the same sourness (ex:warheads or
lemon juice), doesn’t mean its abuse. I did the same!me think with my nice,
she is 2 years old and she ate a warhead like as if it was sweet and my
brother doesn’t have sour taste buds and this was filmed. So filming what
is going on in a child’s life is a good thing so you know how they will
react to that stimuli when they are older and besides, they MIGHT not
remember this happening but then they MAY remember just a blurry visual.

funnyplox says:

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Compilation 2014 [NEW HD]

EngageTheRebels says:

Aww, good wholesome family friendly child abuse. 

!PaRtY! !HaRd! says:

5:48 XD That’s so me omfg

AMM says:

OMG CHILD ABUSE!!!!!11!1!1

soulreaperichig0 says:

Lemons are like maruwana for kids so essentially these people are giving
their kids maruwana.You can see them getting high with it. it was the same
reaction i got when i first tried veed.Now these fat bastard babies will
bully the other fucking babies and cause a chain reaction and they will
grow up to become niggers who rob. The parents should be given electronic

Inspirit Tithi says:

its soo funny !!!just see their cute & weird faces !!!

Anthony Rice says:

*me as a parent*
**sprinkles salt on the lemon**

Emily Evans says:

2:04 was the cutest baby oml *heart eyes emoji*

SVanTha says:

haha stupid babies.

Selkie15 says:

Alright people, this is how babies work: They cry. They cry all the damn
time. Fuck, if they’re not crying, they’re actually pretty okay. Hell, they
cry even if they ARE okay sometimes. If something’s actually upsetting or
hurting them, HOOOOLY SHIT, they let you know about it.

Now, are these kids crying? No, they’re not. There’s a little moment of,
“The fuck just happened in my mouth?” And that’s it. Some even went back
for more!

So calm your tits and enjoy a lighthearted, entertaining video in which
kids learn something valuable – That lemons are the douchebags of the fruit

Aiden Parsons says:

I was watching gun videos how the fuck did I get here

lorettalynn Davis says:

Okay…nobody told me that I would think about actually *wanting one of
(babies) after I’ve seen all these videos lol! Aww, I want to be a

august lundquist says:

Hi my name is baby and today I’m gonna try the lemon-challenge 

clsman89 says:

Interesting how not a single baby cried.

FluffyBunny8D says:

Lol everything about this is funny

mike roberts says:

This is abuse of power id like to smack the fuck out of these parents makes
me sick grow a brain and remove it

Fa8tiArti says:


David Brooks says:

Lemons are very good for you that’s why people have them with honey to
fight a cold 

Paula Nowaczyk says:

I don’t find it funny at all. Citrus fruit such as lemons are highly
allergenic to little kids… Guess some parents have to reach the peak of
their stupidity to make their children ‘famous’ on yt.

Garfuck says:

Babies are stupid.

21stCenturyJRoyo22 says:

Can lemons be green? Some of those looked more like limes. Although, I’m no
expert on Tropic citrus fruits. lol

Cami Lin says:

Super funny and cute baby

Kevin Tober says:

Why don’t you just squeeze it into their eyes? Might as well do that while
you’re being mean to them

blueeyes says:

Very cute but I did find myself cringing right along with them. Babies
tasting anything new gets an amazing array of facial reactions doesn’t it? 

crystal neumann says:

Black eyes bruses broken bones thats abuse 

Modi Alkhattaf says:

You were one too till now @garfuck

izalea says:

Not even funny to me

Myranique Tucker says:

Because of they are still giving it the outside of the lemon

Radha Abzal says:

i dislike this video very much,the are really cute but giving them lemons
to eat, thats just mean

Adenas69 says:

0:35 where am i who is these people who is you eh eh iam hungry

Sasha Bishop says:

so funny

Carlos Miguel Fuentez says:

What kind of ass-wipe-parents are those? Ha ha I fool a baby for own
laughs? They should stuff the parents with lemons. 

Lazarah Leak says:

Why you don’t like babies !?????????

xRouse says:

GLX p8pöı.n nkk

Roshill K says:

3000 people tasted lemon as a baby and didn’t like it xD

e gonzalez says:

Rabies At aka OK àp apt ddde Eating Lemons for First Time Compilation 2…:

Briante B says:

I still have these reactions :p


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