Babies Eating Lemons for the First Time Compilation 2014 [NEW HD]

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Babies Taste Lemons For The First Time | Babies Trying Lemon for the First Time | Babies Eat Lemons for the First Time Compilation | Baby Eats Lemon | Babies Tasting Lemons for the First Time

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Illumanatee says:

This comment section makes me want to facepalm through my skull.
Babies experience things by putting them into their mouths, and lemon acid
isn’t dangerous. No one is “torturing” or “forcing” anything. It’s just
human curiosity at work.

Aeriel Egler says:

In my opinion, (I am probably wrong) This seems a little mean…

Jess Bates says:

Oh shush. These babies will be fine. Its nothing traumatic. They can handle
a few seconds or sour, relax. Babies aren’t made out if paper mache. Its
like dipping the pacifier in koolaid. It’s just for taste, they won’t gain
50lbs from the sugar. The lemon won’t hurt them, they won’t hate their
parents. None of then were hurt. If you can handle licking a lemon, so can
a baby. What would be mean would be giving a baby hot sauce, because that
actually hurts. Lemon flavor only lasts a few seconds.

Lemons says:


Zack Wolleman says:

Wow wait!! Holy, the 2nd baby is my cosin!! His name is brayden.

Swamp_Fox says:

You’re fucking retarded if you think this is cruelty…Hey!, Fatass
American slobs!, Guess what? You people are so sensitive and emotionally
unstable you now think “sour” is a form of cruelty…Wake the fuck up, you
dumb asses. 

ImSPOTon says:

as I am watching these babies put the whole thing peel and all to their
lips and into their mouths , I am wondering if any of these parents have
ever felt what it does when you do that. The oil from the peels of
citrus like oranges and lemon can be painful if you rub the peel against
the sensitive membranes of the mouth and lips….its stings bad and the
then HURTS !!! allowing them to touch the peel to their skin isnt a very
wise thing to do……not if you are a caring parent that is. Also if the
baby is allowed to handle that peel and then they touch or rub their
eyes…….not good either.

TheFubbick says:

God, that’s one ugly baby at 4:16. Looks like an old woman with cancer.
She’ll probably grow up to be beautiful though; I’ve noticed that it seems
to be some genetic rule that the uglier the child is when little the more
pretty they’ll become when older and vice versa. 

Roosje Keizer says:

I fail to see what is so funny about babies trusting their parents

GodprefersDiesels says:

For all the haters, this is just a little friendly revenge for what this
baby is about to do to you for the next 18 years. If you don’t get that,
you aren’t a parent. And if you don’t have a sense of humor, you should
never have kids in the first place. Kids are a lot tougher than you
think. You can call it trauma. I call it growing up.

Antoni Kaloryfer says:

Kids trying acid first time… Lemon can burn child tongue- congratulations

Poonyamuch Boonsaha says:

Babies Eating Lemons for the First Time Compilati…:

James Lucas says:

why would people think this shit is funny and put this stuff on youtube,
they know the kids won’t like it when adults have a hard time eating lemons

tawny ybarra says:

Lol the baby at 1:38 is like forget this shit

NADIA5551000 says:

Пиндосовские дети пробуют лимон… Как мило!… НЕЕЕТТТТ!!!!
Чтоб американских детей бомбили так же как детей из Новороссии…

LoveGuruBlaire says:

This is terrible. Why would you do that to your kid?!!!!

Jamell Jahi says:

They know it’s sour whu would they still eat it :-D

Kate Kindzule says:


Niko Adam says:

4:14 Voldemort is that you?

Gabriel Sarazin says:

The third one was like: Meanwhile in Mexico…

73challenger5031 says:

It reminds me of my 3 year old son, who snuck out of bed early one morning
and raided the fridge. He managed to open my container of Jalapenos and
managed to eat a little. He woke me up with screaming and, by the time I
got there, he had proceeded to rub his eyes. Not a good thing, considering
he had the jalapeno oils on his hands. I cleaned him up afterwards. He
grew up loving spicy foods after that, thankfully!

Lilljacob says:

OMG this is horrible, never ever give lemon to a child. Lemon is bad for
the human body, it can cause heart failure due to the sourness. And OMG,
why aren’t the babies wearing a helmet??????? What if they fall or fly
away, then they need a helmet.
And breast feeding, OMG….

We need to ban Satan’s Lemons before it to late and force helmets on all

Tabby Doulin says:

I tried this with my daughter and she loved it. She ate the entire thing.

thorleyc2 says:

this is so mean, children should have nothing but magical experiences and
should be kept from even the remotest amount of harm!!!!! oh wait a minute
what I just said was obviously complete nonsense, sorry about that must
have forgotten to take my meds again

Jenease Forbe says:

I died laughing at the second baby

Jen Chapman says:

OK, look for funny babies dancing
and babies atoumaticly start laughing at
dogs . The cat is doing exactly what the
baby is doing. Their both like paws up
for awesome owners and tiny hands up
for clean diapers. Really, Really. ♡:)

Tomé Crespo says:

lol the last baby looks scary

marisa cook says:

it’s not TERRIBLE but I agree it’s all little me an but everybody at least
try SOMETHING sour I’m sure at SOME point in life 

Drizzy Romero says:

Give a baby some hot Cheetos 

Mokocchi19 says:

Oh really? Trying a lemon for the first time? How about people complain
about the bigger things that are happening to babies? Like real child
abuse? Kidnappings? Child murders? Its just a bit of taste. Not an entire
lemon being shoved down their throats.

TheKnowerseeker says:

The baby at 2:40 is like “Thank you, sir! May I have another?” LOL

HikachuTsuke says:

Personally, I think the ear piercing on some of those babies is worse than
the lemon. As someone with multiple piercings in my ears and other places,
I can tell you that they hurt like hell, and I can’t imagine a baby going
through that. I actually had the displeasure of being around when a mother
took her baby to a piercing kiosk in the mall and the shriek that child let
out when the jewelry went through could be heard as an echo throughout the
mall’s wing. Lemons are sour and it’s over with in a few moments.
Piercings? Not so much.

I’d really rather not debate, I’m just stating an observation related to
many comments I’m seeing on this video.

Keisha Sen says:

A www I feel bad for babies not knowing what lemons are

Mario Hudson says:

Cutie pie

Andrew Omara says:

How is this mean if later on the laugh and smile 

David Brooks says:

Lemons are very good for you 

gothic nite says:

I dislikes this video

randomleafy says:

My mom used to pour chilly sauce on a spoon and give it to me saying that
it was my medicine when I was 6 years old

Scott Frates says:

Good thing it wasn’t no hot pepper. Oh my gosh I could only imagine that

Aimee Richards says:

Aaaaaw those babies are so cute and HILARIOUS lol

Reyna Sosa says:

Que malquriados con esos ninos

Brooklyn Trail says:

Look at the second babies face though !! 

Verteron101 says:

The final baby looks like Dr evil from Austin powers like this if you think
so too

Martine MILLET says:

Gg q
Faq qq sidéréekoe Rio i erreurW. Joseph—ya,?’oui


Silent R Fazio says:

This is some funny shit

Zacharia Sande Jowi says:

..where’s the sweet centre….oh my gaaaaah!!

softer dofter says:

0.50 you kidding me that babie have ear piercing

Raisin Robsi says:

when babies make sour faces they look like toothless old people! (:

Angela Ieli says:

Hey jess bates please shut up .

amelia perez says:

Like if you think this was adorable and hilarious 🙂 #babiesfirstlemon 

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