‘Babies Is A Better Dancers Than You’ Compilation

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These cute babies has a mad dancing skills. Who knows, maybe they are future best dancers.
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1. Baby Dancing….50 Cent…my lil mama 🙂 http://youtu.be/XC3yaCaBcdA
2. Funny dancing baby – Gettin Jiggy with it – Will Smith http://youtu.be/YVOaXNI7dbU
3. Baby dancing on GS Boyz’s “Stanky Legg” http://youtu.be/-W0jwN1Wfq4
4. Funny Baby, Funny Dance, Baby Dance, Dancing, Dancer, Brake Dance, Hip Hop, Dancing Babies http://youtu.be/xoxk3h2g5mg
5. Cocoro’s dance ! http://youtu.be/NwieZw5PTC0
6. Dancing baby – Nepal http://youtu.be/b_cB0Ig0VOM
7. Little boy dancing… too funny and really good dancer http://youtu.be/DPeIVJmZRWM
8. Dancing Baby – Soulja Boy http://youtu.be/lgMdUp3G7LY
9. Black Eyed Peas Boom Boom Pow Funny Kids Dance http://youtu.be/WjyLXkKgnqk
10. baby shakira http://youtu.be/DQGxqTOgT58
11. Funny kids.. dancing!! http://youtu.be/1y6xKal8pP0
12. Belly Dancing Baby http://youtu.be/2MmyzIvXP5o
13. Alex Dancing baby http://youtu.be/3gRQoJExPdU
14. Funny-Baby Dancing 2011 http://youtu.be/Y-UCkJBopio
15. Techno Baby Dancer http://youtu.be/PnUtN13lLnA
16. Lady Gaga – Poker Face (Lauren Style) Dancing Baby http://youtu.be/i9tINB-jsz4
17. Baby girl dancing waka waka http://youtu.be/A-D5d-2szXA
18. Cute Baby Dancing http://youtu.be/WearkQBuCvY
19. baby dancing to rock n roll(really funny) http://youtu.be/To_TtFxFoAk
20. Funny kid dancing to Beyonce – Just simply cute http://youtu.be/o1M2UOFzhKk
21. luiz otávio quebradeira 4 http://youtu.be/nbvXPF8aMhs


Danielle White says:

This is cute and funny but looks like some of these babies need their
nappies changed!

Dani R says:

1:40 dayyyyummmm that kid shakes her hips better than I can XD

Nova Ramisan says:


Seria Adi says:

That was awesome!
‘Babies Is A Better Dancers Than You’ Compilation:

Jessica Poltz says:

No their fucking not im a better dancer then babies


This killed me and i was on the floor laughing 

christophe pollet says:

trop mimi les petits bout!!!

Nyrecia Pleasant says:

1:30 yasssss the girl was getting it

Arav Sarma says:

Better dancer than me

Shanena Jones says:

I liked the third one because it looks like the .baby was to old hahaha

Tamara Tesfaye says:
Jasmine Davis says:

That is so cute I wish I can dance like dat

superpup101 AJ/LPS says:

Lol cute they r good to butt I am still better

Taisiah Boone says:

‘Babies Is A Better Dancers Than You’ Compilation:

Ashley Escobar says:

find the difrends if yuo do yuo dance better i yuo dont you dance bad
loo carfuly

Kevin Williams says:

Come on my little cousin is only 2 months old ,can do the wobble

And the O.B.J getaway endzone dance

Abizu :D says:

1:03 – Daaammnn, this kid actually dances better than me :/
1:26 – Love that girl xD
1:41 – Funny xD
4:10 – Good moves little boy :)

Ashley Stirgus says:

People that said babies can dance better than you I think you just lied.but
that are cute 

Julie Herink says:

at 1:46 the baby is huge but cute

Andrew Andrews says:


Aprinsa says:

lol, look at that baby twerking at the end.

kajauna mccray says:

it cant dance better then that is what i know or my brother kamarion

Maksim M says:

I hate babies.

Karla2 Belasova says:

Good night

Ashlyn Full says:

Some of those baby’s are just migits.

SomeoneWitSkill says:

“‘Babies Is A Better Dancers Than You’ ” I hope they aren’t illiterate like
you (Means you can’t read or write). 

MaryLovesJustice Neal says:

I like to leave you smiling. Some babies can get down!
http://youtu.be/bgXPl3XM_NA Coordinated babies!

Lauren Gentry says:

I think you put to much practice and it was not good for them you aren’t a
good parent 

Julian Finch says:

1:25 white people dance like

zioana aka jasmine Wingate says:


Valerie Hammer says:

“‘Babies Is A Better Dancers Than You’ Compilation” on YouTube

zHamodz Al Ali says:

#LookAtTheVideoTitle Says the guy who can’t type that good!

Tonya Alexander says:

Now yall know what yall look like to them!!!

Iyanna Moultrie says:

These babies got some skills!

Ace Habib says:

what kind of music is that @ 59secs – 1:00 min

Madison Kulpa says:

Yeah a baby that small can’t dance better than me

Dexter Kelly says:

they don’t dance better than us

tjandzis1 says:

0:24 Young Bosco from The A-Team xD

demiya ramoon says:

I like that baby at the end he can rock it

Alexis Brown says:


Curt Picou says:

Some parents need their ass whooped

Je'vonnah George says:

Watch I poot it on new sound cloud

Quesha Williamson says:

first baby was funny

Tashika Embry says:

‘Babies Is A Better Dancers Than You’ Compilation:

Kiki Pradoz says:

They are so funny

Danae Smith says:

you is bad baby

Vea Jarosiewicz says:

Lslxowodok2lls lo so 

Jaila Jackson says:

The title doesn’t even make sense 

MajsterPolska Baw Sie dobrze ! says:

1:26 the best dancers eveeeeer

ふたりはなかよし♪ says:

come to my channel!cute babies dancing here★Search「Sharp and quick dancing
Babies」for youtuve!

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