Baby Farts Compilation 2015 – Funny Baby Videos 2015 – 720p – HD

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Funny world says:

Baby Farts Compilation 2015

Funny world says:

Baby Farts Compilation 2015

Funny world says:

Cute Cats and Dogs Love Babies Compilation 2015

Laurenkp says:

The first one lol….she looked like she was ready to let more than air out

MR says:



Seda Vardanian says:

Did the baby poop in the tub because she said OH NO!?

Zdeněk Prokeš says:

Ugh, these are nasty children.

Jazzy Jazz says:


MR says:

#funny #funnyvideo #funnyvideos #fail #fails #funnyfail #funnyfails #prank
#pranks #funnyprank #funnypranks 

Achley Debby says:


Andy Luu says:

Daddy scares baby

The Gamer says:

Outro song plz??

Clay Jones says:

Daaaaaammmmnnnn it must smellZ bad after dat

FUNNY ✈ VideoS says:

Baby Farts Compilation 2015

lollipop happyface says:

Lol at 4:06

MrDkarp1 says:


born68 says:

I need to get one of those genetically modified kids where they stay babies

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