Baby Scared of his Shadow and Scream HD Compilation 2014 (NEW)

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Baby Scared of his Shadow and Scream HD Compilation 2014 (NEW)

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Joey Cage says:

He he, babies are so dumb, I cant believe we even think of them as humans. 

Macie Jay says:

2:20 shadow strangely looks independent of the child when you stare at it,
Id be scared.

sladjana brankovic says:

Baby Scared of his Shadow and Scream HD Compilation 2014 (NEW):

Satoko Sparda says:

Ok I would’ve stopped my kid who was pulling her hair but I got to say it’s
kind of funny how the babies discover they have a shadow XD its cute

minegirl says:

The last baby no no no nooooo no no noooooooooooo

Greendaylover64100 says:

So cute! I feel bad for them but it’s still cute.


It’s not a shadow; it’s a monster that won’t leave the poor babies alone.
It will swallow them up. RUN BABIES! RUN!

Sentry-19lll says:

These parents think they’re so smart…”it’s only your own shadow”…blah
blah, idiots.
Now I ask these stupid parents this. So far until now, no scientists can
explain why the planets hang in space and not only that, they rotate around
their own axis for some of them and keep on moving since past, now and the
future. Try explaining that, dumb parents… it’s only your own shadow,
yeah right. Go teach yourself, dumbos.

IkesDaddelbox says:

My mom said when I discovered my shadow I was creeped out, yet fascinated
and did all kinds of things to test that weird thing. XD

Grey Johnson says:

I used to think my shadow was my imaginary friend copying me

Doodleman says:

What a dumb ass letter her baby walk in the FUCKING ROAD 

Christoph Santschi says:

more Shadow 

Mirai Kuriyama says:

XD that little Asian cute one. Looked at it screamed looked at it and
stopped then screamed cx

D Lindsey says:

How could that mom continue to record as her little baby girl is so
frightened she pulls her own hair out?@3:23

Shelia Chambers says:


Michael Hammer says:

well you know what they say. he/she is scared of his/her own shadow is a
real chicken heart. these kids will always be afraid of everything. send
them to china to work in a rice patty for discipline now for it’s too late.

ladieaa scott says:

BABY’S Scared of they’re Shadows
Funny as heck lol

Reagan Reagan says:

Babies are not dumb they are just not as developed.:)

Princess Zoe says:

the third one was to funny i laughed to hard i couldnt breathe

Mason Payne says:

“what sorcery is this?”

NefariousEvildoer says:

2:44 – Lady, it’s not her shadow she’s afraid of, it’s your annoying
high-pitched voice.

Pallbeta King says:

what if the babies know that the shadows arent because of the light and
they came for watching us??? :O

Rowell Cerezo says:

So very funny i cant stop laughing and my stomach hurts

Saumya Gupta says:

well i thought it was cute till the little girl started pulling her hair…
That was just sad… then I got irritated with the Parents who are busy
taking the videos instead of calming them… But the last kid… omg! he
was adorable! he lost the shadow when he came in the shade, so went into
light again to check on it… :D

Antler CityStyle says:

I can’t remember the first time i saw my shadow! 

Krissynow _ says:

Their all just like ” mommy, why arent you saveing me, put your damn phone
away and help me”

VanillaMilkShark says:

those captions are fkn annoying

StylesHoranPayne MalikTomlinson says:

what app did they use in filming that the one with a background?

Sean Maguire says:

Lol that was hilarious 

John Morris says:

This is 4 u sanetry 9111 your obviously a loner with no friends never mind
a family of your own & if u have god help ur kids. These videos are from
proud parents having fun with their children & they are a joy 2 watch & the
1 ur about had me & my family rolling about laughing how could u possibly
write wht u did trying to slag proud parents showing off their gorgeous
kids innocence. What are you doing looking up these videos in the 1st place
whn u hate thm so much its clear ur a dirty peadophile looking @ kids.
Creep i hope u get caught & tortured in jail. These videos r 4 us proud
parents to share our precious innocent angels having fun with other parents
& to show our kids whn their older not 4 sick peadophiles trying to gt
their kicks & youl b reported & ur destination can easily b found. SICKO

ladyquinquevir says:

this is fucking bullshit, these parents are shit, they should go to their
children, comfort them and explain this calmy instead of fucking recording
them and laughing about them, wtf is wrong with these people

Sara M says:

LOL, Stupid babies.

okpapereat says:

afraid of its own shadow lmfao

mohammad ilyas says:

Baby Scared of his Shadow and Scream HD Compilati…:

Bonnie D says:

Finding joy and laughter in the distress of a child is perverse. 

Judith Medrano says:

At 40 seconds u can here the mom saying … “stop stop”

Beata Zygmunt says:

Baby Scared of his Shadow and Scream HD Compilation 2014 (NEW):

Andi Petra says:

this is how they discover shadow 

Nicki Minaj Fanz says:

Third 1!! LOL xDD

jerlov kaku says:

Funny execpt the girl with autism pulling her hair and Manny Paquiao at 4:30…
how can he walk with the size of that head.

Joanne Ng says:

When I was young, my mom told me, I was scared of my shadow. Then she told
me that one day I was sort-of experimenting with it, like I move my hand
left to right and stuff like that. The next day, I wasn’t scared anymore
and I was kinda, uh, chasing my own shadow…hello

TheSarahkitten42 says:

Has anyone ever stopped to think that shadows may be scared of the babies
they follow at a young age? Perhaps the shadows may be alive themselves!
Perhaps none of this exists! Perhaps I’m just an idiot, rambling on and on!
(Personally, I think it’s the last one.)

RosieLee 9433 says:

Joey cage if there was no such thing as baby’s you wouldn’t be here in fact
no one would be here

Mackenzie Smith says:

My baby brother loves his shadow. Whenever he notices it he’ll say “HI,
Shadow”. It’s just the cutest thing and whenever I ask him to give shadow a
kiss, He try’s to kiss it. ^.^ its so cute.

dooovde says:

Never had this as a kid..we never see sun in ireland thank fuck

Kalel Amorim says:


Amy Rhys says:

Babies don’t know anything, but they may be able to find out something new
by their own shadow, and it’s something cute! I really want a baby!

Insulting Muffins says:

loved the last one absolutely loved it

Zargon31 says:

how can someone be scared of their shadow? even if they were a baby.

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