Baby Swimming Survival Video

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This is AMAZING! Babies are taught to flip over and float if they fall into a pool fully clothed. This would save tons of lives.

This video is for a new survival course for infants and todlers from YMCA. These courses have saved babies from drowning all over Florida. Every infant should take a course like this, especially if you have a pool.


china1man says:

I don’t get the rage. It’s a demonstration video on survival training
results for small children. There is no negligence here there is someone
supervising or there wouldn’t be a video. The guy walking away was supposed
to symbolize what could happen.Forget to lock your back door or someone is
working on your house and leaves it open? This can happen… But if you
teach your child how to do this the baby won’t drown! 

Sahtopi G says:

All the hate on this video for no reason. I was genuinely amazed that
children so young can be taught such an effective life saving skill. I
imagine the child will grow up to respect the water rather than fear it.

LyeLye says:

I think its awesome, but 5 minutes is a long time for a demonstration. 

Ronnie Franco says:

I get it, a baby can float.. but honestly what is being taught here? What
was the purpose of the video? Was ot worth a childs health/life to
demonstrate something? The fact of the matter is at the end of the day in a
court of law this would be considered child endangermeant and could
potentially kill a child.

Deniel Dawson says:

Who the fuck is video recording

Kollin011 says:

This is the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen. How can a baby be taught
this? Who first thought of teaching a baby to swim? His crying was
distressing but it was as if he learnt to call for help in that situation.

Sanaa McFadden says:

You people need to close the door the said how the baby just fail that said

Ridha Azzabi says:

عدد كبير جدا من الأطفال في في مختلف ولايات أمريكا يموتون غرقا في المسابح
نتيجة الإهمال إلا أنّ هذا الأب أخذ بالأسباب ويبدو أنّه نجح في تدريب طفله
لمثل هذا الموقف الذي يحبس الأنفاس‏ 

Amariz Zapata says:

Look stupid I think you’re so fake why would you guys let your little boy
in the water like that you people are stupid

Hanifa Lezz says:

Who the heck videotaped this and just watch the infant suffer!?!? what is
going on here!?

Adriano Dipardo says:

U should of left him there for 5 more days!

The LEGO TvTube says:

My brother got a kid and he takes a bath with him but he givrs like only 23
or 30cm of water in the bath,for the kids safety, he doues not gives that
much water like u do what the hell u r doing to ur kids why some people
have to be so dumb

Morgan Woodward says:

I can’t tell if it’s real or not. If it’s real. Amazing but it broke my
heart :(

dave mcdonald says:

Babies spend 9 months in fluid , and have not yet learnt fear of water, so
i really can’t see what people are stressing about ?? i bet the babies
taught this method have a 100% survival rate over those who don’t ? .

Brandi Manuppella says:

For all those uneducated people out there who may/may not have
babies….accidents happen. The video is a demonstration of how you can
“empower” your child so if the unthinkable does happen, they have a way to
help themselves! It’s a great thing to teach a baby just in case it
happens. This isn’t a video to show off your baby’s swimming skills. If you
can’t see the positive in this, you really are ignorant.

Nya Skipper says:

I mean it’s cool and all, being able to float but a baby? Really? If your
have a pool and a infant don’t always rely on the method, be responsible
too. That’s the parents job to be 100% responsible wether you have a back
up plan or not. 

sicsey says:

You proved your point within 15secs do why leave the child in there
Fucken cunts of parents!!!!!!!!!!

Alexis Alexander says:

This is the technique I was talking about. I’m sure getting to this point
HAS to be traumatic in some way. Lol- 

luisvega666 says:

if you motherfuckers would be around your child all the time it wouldnt

Millee Leverington says:

This video is really touching if you have got kids please share this video

Mariela Gutierrez says:

Fu people are not the only way 

Miryam Hernandez says:


Ben Stevenson says:


Tijiana Flowers says:


TheAqua Madness says:

Lmao what the hell 

SingXongDong says:

Dang..Gavin was right.

Eric Dantes Alvelo says:

Good idea Teach babéis to swim bad , get a dog dolor so the babe cant get
oí put but the dog can

Ow Key says:

sick arrest these parents!! :S

Adam Halldén says:

Whatta hell are these problam!!!!

Karl Marchionda says:

Here’s an idea, watch your kids. Idea number two, don’t have in indoor pool
without a self closing door with a child safety lock. I know this baby was
trained for this, but the parents should be in jail for videotaping the
baby floating and crying for 5 minutes. Good way to scar your children.
Start them young. I’m all about teaching a baby to swim and be comfortable
in water, but this is just crazy. If the baby falls in and accidentally
aspirates water, they will black out instantly and drown. This isn’t
exactly a great method to rely on. 

Benito Ramos says:

The “five minutes later” part kinda broke my heart when he began to cry…

Leoni Dowling says:

When it said 5 mins it broke my hart its crule to vidiotape this i hope
someone fines u

Jimme CrackCorn says:

Don’t let them fool you this baby is superman when he was an infant!

Diandra Zemanek says:


Schanavia Hardaway says:

This is cool

Fairy Tail says:

Stupid BAby!

chyna valencia says:

I like how the baby smiles at the end

Naeem Aslam says:

Poor thing did it survive

Lona Benavides says:

They aren’t being cruel bc what if this happens in reality they should know
how to float and swim!!!

YMSB _ says:

Que susto me he dado ajajaja ;$

Fernando Trindade says:

The most important thing in this video lesson is the proven ability to
teach the baby not to panic after so much time.
Even though almost every human baby is able to naturally swim, after the
one year old, the developing of “fear” and “panic” reaction usually
overcomes the natural instinct to swim. So, in my point of view, this is
the main aspect to consider teach to overcome the panic/fear situation.

These clothes appear to have a special benefic aspect on the flutuability
of the baby, helping to maintain the body on a positive flutuabiliaty (I’m
a PADI Divemaster, I know what I’m talking about) and preventing the feet
to sink, helping the baby to remain calm. Once the feet start to descend,
it is normal that the baby would stress and probably develop panic.

The long time showed here is exactly to demonstrate the confidence the baby
has in himself, and the lack of panic. It is especially demonstrated in the
last moments when the adult picks him up and he smiles like nothing

THIS, is the most important thing.

Great work, great share.

Jose Henao says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Destin Guzman says:

Lol his smile at the end!

paidaishe tembo says:

wow, impossible that a child

Ramy Raz says:

Cool vidio

Linda Brausch says:

What a mess! I wish someone leave u alone when you are scared to death…
And then I say “heeeey, you should learn not being panic!”. How would you
feel when you’re parents do this and you can’t trust them anymore? Maybe
they should make the pool baby safe and pay attention to your child!

Chaitanya Reddy says:


Melissa Koehler says:

2:40 Happy Baby! If anybody did this in a pool they would float for a long

hapapower says:

any sites/links to share on how to teach your kids how to do this? What is
this technique called?

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