Best Funny Baby Halloween Costumes Reviews-InCharacter Unisex-baby Infant Lion Costume

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Adorable infant costume that includes lined jumpsuit, hood and slip on booties.

Is your little one the king of the household? Does he love sunbathing and sleeping? Sounds like you’ve got a budding lion on your hands. But don’t worry, they’re pretty easy to tame. And they look great in our Baby Lion Cub Costume for infants and toddlers!

This costume was absolutely adorable on my 13 month old. I bought the 12-18 mos size and it worked out perfectly. Everywhere he went in this costume, people could not help but comment on how cute he looked. My only negative comment is that when I received the costume, the lion’s mane, around the face, shed a lot of loose pieces from when the mane was cut. It seemed like it was one solid piece and the cuts were made, but the material that frayed was not cleaned out. I sat down on two separate occasions and pulled all the loose pieces out of the mane. I finally got them all after a couple attempts. It did not continue to shed, it was just full of loose pieces from the original cutting process. I haven’t washed the costume yet, so I can’t comment on how well it stands up to the washer and dryer. Overall, I would recommend this costume! I loved how my son’s face stood out with that curly lion’s mane around it. He had Halloween portraits taken in this costume with his twin sister, who was a pink bunny. SO CUTE!!! I don’t like animal costumes that have a hood with the animal’s eyes, nose and mouth on top of the hood. I like for my child’s face to represent the animal’s face. This lion costume was just what I wanted. Aside from loose pieces left over from the cutting process, I was Very satisfied with this costume.

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