Best Of Funny Cats And Dogs Protecting Babies Compilation 2014 [NEW]

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cjmcebdb bandit says:

I am an animal lover and adore babies, but there is a fine line a parent
should not cross, when it comes to healthy babies. you should not let your
animals lick them in the face ever, cause FACT they lick themselves in err
nasty places duh. sorry but keep it clean please. anyway the animals and
babies are cute…

Mirai Kuriyama says:

I had this dog. A bulldog. Two. But, one needed treatment, so I couldn’t
keep it. He was big. And he would protect me only. I would have to do
everything for him, because he only trusted me. I had a house and suddenly
it had a free dog. I walked up to it with no fear. I was scared about dogs.
But once I touched him. It was like we were bonding our souls. He was
always locked up sadly. But yes he would bite. He almost bit my fathers
hand. He was brown. I would like to meet him again. I would sit with him
and talk. He would lick my face and bark when someone was with me. He was
loyal and respectful. Sadly, I had to move away. I forgot his name. But I
remember him. His soul was speaking to me. Lovingly. A voice of confidence.
When I left, I felt sad. That’s the good day’s. Even though till this day,
my finger was stuck on a car door and bended. I loved him. But after I
left. I missed him so much. I guess I started to get allergies from
animals. I was scared of them. Except for one,………………,my own. 

Veronica Blackburn says:

The dog protecting the baby from the vacuum is priceless

Alisa Simpson says:

When you wake up in the morning to see your infant lying dead in its crib
cause the cat jumped in and smothered it during the night nobody wants to
hear your sob stories..and the one with the minature pincher..if ANY animal
acted like they were gonna growl at me when I tried to touch my child it
would be a dead dog

charles m says:

This is the best
Best Of Funny Cats And Dogs Protecting Babies Compilation 2014 [NEW]:

blaq7427 says:

Why would someone allow some dirty animal to lay on top of their baby?

preet pnjabi says:

Best Of Funny Cats And Dogs Protecting Babies Compilation 2014 [NEW]:

Carmelo Bonifacio Malandrino says:

Tutto vero.E mi viene voglia di cantare un inno all’umanità di teneri gatti
e teneri cani.Lode a chi voluto provare che siamo tutti fratelli,noi che
viviamo con cuore,occhi,mani e zampe che siano.Grazie.

satish kanda says:

Best Of Funny Cats And Dogs Protecting Babies Compilation 2014 [NEW]:

Irene Schneider says:

Muss Liebe schön sein !!!!!!!!


Cuanta ternura y amor. 

Ms K. Johnson says:

Cutest thing ever. :)

jola patejuk says:

Zwierzaki kochają dzieci…..

Beatriz Minami says:

Cats be like ”The small human is sleeping or what? Geez..I’ve to watch

schlaznger says:

While I agree with a comment below, there is nothing like a bond between a
baby and his or her dog. 

Francesca Pedretti says:

I cani sono la mia più grande passione ame tutti questi video mi piacciono
molto e penso che i migliori amici dell uomini si ano i cani perche i cani
ti possono fare tutto e non chiedere nulla se Non che di portali giù a fare
i loro bisogni a differenza dell homo che se ti fa un favore vuole qualcosa
in cambio e ame non mi sta bene curata cosa perciò se io devo scegliere tra
un mio compagnia di scuola o il mio cane scelgo 1000 il mio cane perde
curando ai un cane impari a rispettarlo e volerli tantissimo bene come se
fosse la persona più in porte. Scritto da Samantha Pedretti. Srivetemi o
rispondete a cielo che o scritto vorei sapere cosa ne pensate.


sujuth1 says:

wow im shocked!! I see a sweet and loving video and then I go to the
comments and reads a lot of hatred…. People calling each other stupid or
idiot or bitch or something else… These disgusting words doesnt belong
here after my opinion!! Treat each other with respect!!

GodGunsGutsandNRA says:

The problem is with parents that grab a “germ” wipe every time a child
touches anything. They have not been allowed to develop a healthy immune
system. If the dog is healthy, then it is a moot point. Child will grow up
with a healthier immune system, than if kept is an obsessive sterile

BossyMIzz says:

1:55 omg too cute!

Ursula Deflorin says:

Wenn Menschen sich so schnell akzeptieren würden, wäre vieles besser.


i love cats and dogs and had lots of them growing up but there is one big
mistake people do now…. is that ignoring their better judgement just to
do an ”adorable or funny video” for FByoutube…. first cat shouldnt put
paw and mouth in babys mouth, second cat its not good for baby to eat cats
furr, last dog is almost in full defensive mode and hes warning that hes
about to defend the baby and the mother just continues thinking its such a
funny video with such a small kid near a dog that is in defensive mode and
that breed is know for being a litle short temper….. people say that in
the old days there were no problems about this and its normal… thats not
true… in the old days our fathers didnt do
so much stupid things just for FByoutube… didnt picked up a phone
thinking ”what crasy thing will happen now between my dog and kid?” in
situations like that usually just put the hand between to avoid so much
contact…. but now its all about selfies, duckfaces, FB and youtube….
just put the phone down…. 

Hipa McCready says:

quite lovely to see cos back in the day it was unacceptavbble to have
animals around babies

hazelwood55 says:

I find the first one with the cat very disturbing. The cat is putting it’s
paw on the babies mouth and the parents don’t do anything. People can get
Toxoplasmosis(single celled parasite found in cat feces)from cats. That cat
uses those paws to dig around in it’s litter box!

Pro0 drift3r says:

+Nikita Erune 

Joanna L says:

The first, third and fourth dogs in this vid aren’t protecting the baby, by
the way they are displaying their body language, they are guarding the baby
as their possession.

Colin Garratt says:

Parents be warned a cat snuggling up to you isn’t saying she loves you
rather than that you belong to her! Be careful putting babies round cats

Katy Reyes says:

El.instinto protector de.los.animales

cafesmitty says:

Love it, but the last clip, why would you ever wake a sleeping baby? 

Sissi F says:

Trop mimi….le chien effrayé par le bruit de l’aspirateur et qui va
protéger le bb……J’M<3<3.....

ildiko manta says:

A legjobb barátaink!!!!!!!!:):):)

dorita montero montero says:

!!!me encantan los animales jugando con los niños ªªªtierno !

Nadine Harrington says:

Protegent bebes. Adorables.

Zongvue Chang says:

Don’t ever do that! disease and dog usually jealous kids.

Makaira Skeete says:

Alisa Simpson get a life you horrible person you will be the first one

Marilynne Graham-Timco says:

/Do you realize when a cat comes up like that to a baby he is there because
of the scent of the milk … many babies have been suffocated by cats that
you think are adorable!!!…..also with the dogs so close to newbies are
you not thinking???

sabastian71113 says:

wow when the lil white dog runs over and literally gets on the baby to
protect it awww

Beatriz Cervantes says:

Best Of Funny Cats And Dogs Protecting Babies Com…:

alvabc says:

this is a cute video. BUT i’ve struggled with cat allergi since i was 1
year old, and why? Cause my parents let our cats lie on me when i slept
when i was a little baby. so please, don’t put your animals on your
children. even if it’s cute. please. 

Abdul kadir says:

I wish I had a dog like that but i’m scared of dogs….they always run
after me, to play or to bite?!? If you could help me getting used to them,
I would appreciate the help.

Marta Maria Vieira dos santos says:

Esses são realmente os melhores amigos.E portanto, ao invés de fazer
mal,fará bem o convivio de seus bebês com esses grandes amigos ,terão
alguém com quem interagir e confiar.

Luzinha Mafra says:

Olha só que maravilhoso o amor dos animais com os bebês.

skyhawk551 says:

a great way to teach a dog how to be gentile is to play with them a lot as
a puppy, when they bite your hands while playing, your reactions teach
them what is allowed and what is too rough, when they get full size, they
don’t play as much, but they know how to be gentile. to only use toys makes
them think they can be as rough as they want. raised my German shepherd
this way and she turned out great. 

BWBVideocreations says:

then wash the babies face afterwards simple as that! When it comes to the
dog or cat loving on the baby, that’s the only gift the dog or cat can give
to the baby so why be a jerk and hurt the dog or cat’s feelings

Hula RyeRye says:

It is so cool how animals do that. My dog protects my baby cousin it is so
cute, But he will not lick the baby.

Fazil Mehmet Arsun says:

İnsandan daha tehlikesiz…

Radu Clenciu says:

Faze hasli cu betivi 

Davis Pursel says:

i bet this video makes all the crazy fucking asians what to eat this fcking
pieces of shits

Tonya Totten says:

Awwwe this video really really so melts my heart how very sweet.

Luzia Mafra says:

Olha só que maravilhoso o amor dos animais com os bebês.

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