“Cats Love Babies Compilation” || CFS

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Cats Love Babies Compilation
Dogs are not the only ones who love babies, cats also know how to express their feelings towards the cute little babies…

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“Cats Love Babies Compilation” || CFS
“Cats Love Babies Compilation” || CFS
“Cats Love Babies Compilation” || CFS


Gamesdf says:

Sigh of course there are retards saying the parents are idiots. Get a
dog/cat yourself + live with it for a couple of years. You will truly
“understand” their behaviors. Stop acting as if you know shit. Sure. Pets
can “snap”. But if you are a good owner, you will be able to tell if they
can do something unpredictable and wont let them go nearby their kids in
the first place.

Krystal Walters says:

If u think ur cat would hurt ur baby don’t have em round the cats but the
cats doing what’s natural. The human are the dumm ones. I’ve had my cats
round kids and babies and they never hurt any of em. If u just feed ur baby
then don’t have the cat round the baby cause the baby can get fur in and
round it mouth cause the cats only looking for the milk not to harm the
baby. Common sense ppl. When u see an cat stuck help it,not laugh cause its
not fucking funny.

Restu Sebastian says:


Goof Grabber says:

It is a known fact that babies will sometimes pinch a cat. Studies have
indicated that this type of early interaction with cats can lead to
incidents of animal torture farther down the road. It is a known fact that
people who abuse animals in their formative or adolescent years have a
higher than average chance of becoming a serial murderer. Therefore I have
no alternative but to conclude that if you want your child to be a serial
killer then go ahead and allow him to be around cats. Science supports
this theory. Consequently anyone who disagrees with this supports the
murder of innocent people, so don’t even bother. 

CSEfreak says:

I love cats,but seriously id keep the cat away from my child,at least from
his face! you never know they CAN scratch

imJZTme4EVAbitch says:

yeah.. “cats love babies?” im sure the black cat that was about to scratch
the babies fucking face off loved him

Sibylle Dapp says:

cats love babys becauce they smell milk…

Casper Cameron says:

the cutness is killing me

seriously i am going to die

dimapez says:

George is the best, “I think I’ll see what this hooman’s face feels like”
then the Female Adult Slave speaks up and George changes his plans.

kosa knezevic says:

“Cats Love Babies Compilation” || CFS: http://youtu.be/9LnTjz3hItk

Fidget says:

If my 2-years old daughter ever even touched my cat, I’d throw her at
fucking wall.

Cabbot Sanders says:

I’m loving it! Meowmeows!

Merluzz says:

All the kids died for toxoplasmosis.

زهرة زهرة says:

“Cats Love Babies Compilation” || CFS: http://youtu.be/9LnTjz3hItk

MrAngelRock says:

my major concern would be my baby child pulling the cat’s hair and then
ingesting those hairs, which has nearly happened many times. all the cat
hairs in the house eventually prompted me to give my cats away.

Chad9976 says:

Someone gave a toddler a mohawk!? WTF

Dominique Thomas says:

Honestly, if my mom had a video camera 35 years ago there would be videos
like that… my mom told me that her never left me alone and attacked any
stranger that tried to touch me…

My cousins have similar stories… 4 generations my family have lived with
cats… my mom have cats since the moment she was born… they are good
nannies… we always keep an eye, but never any of our cat hurt any of my
family babies!!!

MrStGeorgeIllawarra says:

Um.. all these poor kitties want is attention. Perhaps if you stopped
filming your kids for 5 seconds…

pandemonium san says:

Was the last baby an albino baby? Asking soley out of pure curiosity cause
I have never seen a baby so white before–was it the lighting or..?

fatima khan says:

I too Love Cats but Never With the Babies ! Babies Health and safety comes

Laura Wilson says:

Cuteness overload!!
Especially the first one :)

jabberwocky snobmaster says:

3:20 something/ RHCP <3 :D


Ahhh, that really bless is so cute isn’t! Is make crying about that (oh
dear me!!) ^_^

Ervin Alic says:

That’s awesome, and you can really see that those cats have somehow
“special” relationship to babies. if babies were mine I would allow them to
touch it, but I would never allow dogs to touch my small child even I love
them too. Only cats are so clean to put them with small children. 

Dick Jootlick says:

There are at least 4 cats in this video that I would seriously fuck.

goodtimebob says:

Love or do the cats smell milk on the babies’ breath?

Melania Flores says:

“Cats Love Babies Compilation” || CFS: http://youtu.be/9LnTjz3hItk

Jack Novritwo Sigalingging says:

Listen to 01:00 it’s Tom hanks voice. Maybe on his movie “Josh Baskin”

47tooter says:

Listen – up , everybody . I am 1 of a very few people that actually
witnessed a cat stealing a babies breath ! It is not an old wives tale ,
it’s true ! Please do not leave your baby alone with a cat.
Cats know you are watching so they won’t do it in front of you.
They are smart and sneaky ! 

Sulmán Józsefné Margit says:

Nagyon aranyos cica-baba történetek! :)

Wolf Gypsy says:

I’ve had 5 cats, 2 are still here. Sunseera is 5 and Tamia is 4. I don’t
know how Sunseera would be around a baby as Melina, my 9 year old niece was
4 when we brought Sunseera in. Tamia will not go near any child no matter
if someone put a thousand bowls of fresh milk around them. It was the same
way with our other cats. They did not like kids. They wanted no part of
them so they stayed away. Sunseera would lay beside Melina at night when
she stayed all night here at my house. Sunseera would never hurt Melina and
has never even offered to scratch her. I do agree that cats should not be
near a babies face due to the fur and a cat can accidentally scratch while
playing but I do not think that it’s a bad idea for cats to be around

Michał Zyrkon says:

What was the name of RHCP song at 3:14?

Waxy Escobar says:

1:40. Cutest One ! Lol

Jp Sweeney says:

Oh that so cout. I love the both

sanita474 says:

A cat could scratch the eye of the baby in a second, they play and
accidents happen.

Wairimu Mutiti says:

I thought cats are not so good near babies because of their fur which they
loosely and the baby breathing it.
I don’t think I would like a cat near my baby.

Divine Riggio says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Ragab Farag says:

“Cats Love Babies Compilation” || CFS: http://youtu.be/9LnTjz3hItk

Amulu addidas says:

Good relationship between cats and babies ‘SO FUNNY,i love this cats love
babies compilation

lematou matou says:

it’s realy cute all this, but in reality not too healthy for

TNTmotha says:

The cats who are licking the babies are showing affection

Mahmoud Shahin says:

there are some 990 freaks who disliked this video


1:20 What derr… Fuukkk?

salad destroyer says:

first cat like .. you just got pillowed .. BITCH

Ana P. says:

“Cats Love Babies Compilation” || CFS: http://youtu.be/9LnTjz3hItk

handball2003 says:


Helen H says:

Check out this video on YouTube:
So beautiful!! <3

Artty 1975 says:

Be careful about those claws. They’ll go right threw the babies skin
without meaning it at all.

Emmanuelle Fouchet says:

Quel PLAISIR de regarder cette vidéo !

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