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Jop3lius says:

you guys know that if you dont raise your kids in a sterile boxes they most
likely wont be allergic to anything and have very good immune system
through out their whole life.

TheLondonCyclist says:

“I have come to accept the feeling of not knowing where I am going. And I
have trained myself to love it. Because it is only when we are suspended in
mid-air with no landing in sight, that we force our wings to unravel and
alas begin our flight. And as we fly, we still may not know where we are
going to. But the miracle is in the unfolding of the wings. You may not
know where you’re going, but you know that so long as you spread your
wings, the winds will carry you.”

Caja GooGoo says:

So cute but a bit unsanitary for the cat. 🙂

Think of the baby scratching around in its diaper; and then licking its
hands. I love babies; but I realize they are gross, germ farms.

DIDUKNOW7777 says:

So cute but a bit unsanitary for the baby. 🙂

Think of the cat scratching around in its litter box; and then licking its
nether region. I love felines; but I realize they are fluffy, cute animals.

dmcarden says:

I think my heart just exploded on cuteness overload

MrBenny10101 says:

How to get 10000000 views.
1. Rub some catnip on a baby
2. Profit

ana silvia says:

Un pequeño bebé está dando sus primeros pasos en este mundo, pero por
suerte ya tiene a un amigo fiel, que lo ama con locura: un gato que juega a
su lado y que se suma juguetonamente a todos sus movimientos. ¡Mueran de

john lewis says:

you have got to say thats much better than a teddy bear

MultiTesseract says:

So many people worried about germs……. I understand, to a degree, but
raising baby in an antiseptic environment deprives them of exposure to
things that helps build a robust immune system. I think it can hurt more in
the end. After all, humans and animals have lived together for thousands of
years in MUCH more unsanitary conditions than now.

Jonathan Sweeting says:

Might be cute but Am not letting any animals near My Young infant

fay Faye says:

hààààt meg kell bolondulni ….. èdik


10 547 761
How you can condemn parents? About what insanitary conditions you speak?
More another frightens me, and of it mother should think seriously, of that
how many lives otmeryano to a cat and what the child will be traumatized.
At adults loss of the favourite sometimes comes to an end with a heart
attack. Sorry.

Mario Drouga says:

+DIDUKNOW7777 seems like this twatty bitch deleted my comment… No
worries, I’ll keep reposting till her child dies from common flu because
she grew it up in a bubble with astronaut meals… 

Kojak0 says:

That is adorable. Now, for the people saying this would be bad for the baby
regarding the hygiene of the cat, allergies and so on… The only way to
strengthen the immune system is by challenging it. People develop animal
allergies because their stupid but well-meaning parents took away animals
from them from when they were small – thus, when they get into contact
later in life with animals they get allergic reactions, simply because
their immune system over-reacts to something that is harmless.

The same goes for this hygiene thing – cats are very clean, but as everyone
(including YOU!) they do carry bacterias and other stuff that is
potentially harmful. But again, if the immune system isn’t tested all the
time, it will fail when it really matters.

So all that said, I approve of this video, and I approve of the parents who
let their cat snuggle up with the baby.

C- wun says:

Don’t be fooled… That cat is merely marking the baby with its scent,
nothing more. >_> <_<

Alicia Dupres says:

By the end, the baby looked annoyed. Besides, no matter how cute, sweet,
tender, loving, smart etc. the cat is, I would not let my child to touch an
animal with his mouth (at one pint the ear of the cat is practically in
baby’s mouth) and inspire the hair of the cat.

Doedling says:

The cat’s like: “PET ME! PET MEEEE!”

animal16365 says:

Anyone no the name of the music playing

Bao Nguyen says:

Such a cute cat!

nollie Rivera says:

Too beautiful for words

tleesweets says:

Its funny how people can see their baby is getting all upset and mad and
just keep filming… not!! Wow some people shouldn’t be parents! And to all
who don’t like my opinion.. You can stick it! 

Роберт Иванов says:

Сколько на шерсти кошки всякой микроживности ?? Ребенок это ртом собирает.
Почему это не ужас, а милота???

Matrix ALESAWE Serag Alden says:

0Cute cat loves baby – from funny and cute cats a…:

Stone Joe says:

Maybe in another life, their souls were family… and they found eachother
again in this life :)

Dagmar Long says:

Everytime I watch videos like this I’m actually waiting for comments about
stuff like unsanitary etc. (sorry, it’s not my mother tongue). But, it
just sucks. Animals are not dirty. I kissed my budgie, I opened my mouth
and he cleaned my teeth, I kissed my hamsters and my guinea pig, I kiss my
cats and my dogs. I used to play outiside and I got worms when I was a
child. But now, I’m a very resistant person.

AJan Janayrik says:

Мдееее уж! ((((( Очень гигиенично! Педиатора на них нет!

pattigee1 says:

I think cats are going to turn into us.

Crissyloves Literotica says:


aida ñancucheo lefiman says:

Los animales son maravillosos

Will Rinehart says:

It would be more realistic if after all this sweet loving, at the end, the
cat’s mood violently shifts, as it suddenly nips the babies arm and swiftly
and defensively leaps away, almost as if a demon suddenly took possession
of its body. :)

Ирина Смирнова says:

Котик любит малыша. Как трогательно

A Kasa says:

This cat loves the baby so much. What made it so much?? Actually they were
siblings in previous life??

Krak Fire says:

That is so cute!

Теофраст фон Гугингейм says:

Мелкий еще не осознал, что кота можно замечательно таскать за хвост :)

Dragonforce Smo says:

So cute, great cat and great baby

Lilly Grace says:

a d o r a b l e :-))

yanomamibrm says:


Iryna M. says:

Яка милість:)
Cute cat loves baby – from funny and cute cats and babies collection

Iboshdio Müller says:

my cat is an ass

Oleg Mizgirev says:

Да уж, любовь кота и человека…

Ольга Адиняева says:

Просто, божественное чудо!!!

Hunter Luz says:


nishi tanha says:

its cutely dangerous… 

dave prut says:


acotytamwiesz says:

I wish I would have the opportunity to kill this cat. This would bring me a
nice profit, because I would sell it’s skin. Profit is the only thing that
counts in this world. As a jevv, I know it well, trust me.

Rayane Lima says:

I freaking love cats so much! But I wouldn’t let my Baby so close of a cat
like this, cats are animals and they have their own germes, babies are more

march chyjoe says:


Francisco Betanzos says:

Videos fenomenales.estupendos

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