Devil Baby Attack

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An animatronic “devil baby” in a remote controlled stroller goes on a rampage through the streets of New York City and hidden cameras record people’s reactions.

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CatAtomic99 says:

I love the janitor. He’s just like, ‘fine, kill me then’.

Лука Мудищев says:

Сука тупые америкосы. Это ж надо бояться такой ерунды. Они фильмов своих
про “пилу” или “поворот не туда” пересмотрят, а потом спать не могут.
Бояться как 7 летние детки. Зажрались суки, никогда в жизни страшнее этих
фильмов ничего не видели и от сюда их юмор. И герои у них “Бэтмэн” и
“Великий Человек паук”

Dana Squires says:

OMG haha!!

U people l says:

The baby said fuck the police. He’s lucky the cop didn’t shoot is ass.

frosted_cookie124 says:

That one man who just stood there and did nothing has deep issues

BoxxyFan says:

Honestly I would kick the damn pram down and start smashing the baby with
whatever object is nearby eg a chair. I would purposely smash the
animations to pieces. Hopefully that will be a few thousand dollars gone
for this stupid rude prank. If they try to sue me I would just say I acted
in self defense.

CraigCimo says:

Wer ist auch wegen RTL2 hier? ;D 

Conrad Electronic says:

Was man mit Technik alles machen kann 😉 Wir wünschen euch viel Spaß beim
Gruseln! #Halloween 

Anthony Sabino says:

Holaaa comunidad alegre aqui le dejo un video para que disfruten su
dia…que dios lo bendiga

Perry Craft Gameplays e Animações says:

\( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
> ⌒ヽ
/ へ\
/ / \\
レ ノ ヽ_つ
/ /
/ /|
( (ヽ
| |、\
| 丿 \ ⌒)
| | ) /
`ノ ) Lノ

I am So Fabulous

Ron Rivero says:

that man with the yellow jacket tho. like “i’ve seen worse”

Ti Négresse La says:

J’aime trop, faire peur au gens mais la c’est trop

Mark P says:


غريب طرابلس says:

مقلب مش عادي
قريب من 50 مليون مشاهدة
لا يفوتك

Elsy Angel says:

Lmfaoooo the street cleaner was like “Do I just dispose of this thing or
take it to church?”

kekstorm says:

I was very upset when I saw the end of this video

Nevaeh TVEVO says:

The Janitor is all like, Okay…..

JORDANA santos says:

Where am I when this kind of stuff happens in nyc

Cj Malone says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

YourDeath311 says:

This is joker`s baby.
He fucks everyone and everything, no matter if this is the police or

Sensi Bleb says:

I’m pretty sure this YouTube video made more money than the movie it was
advertising did.

MeJoho says:

Lol 1:42 they put a fist long up her ass so they could press her stomach
out!! I’ve seen some hardcore porn where they did that, so i know! xD

omg omg omg, hahahaha. It’s way easier and more real if you do it like that
than if you have to do it with special effects.

David Wood says:

Yes Sir thats may baby. No Sir don’t mean maybe.

Eddy Hope says:

This made me chuckle. +John Young​ you’ll appreciate this…

Devil Baby Attack:

Nathan Masters says:

This has to be the best prank I’ve seen this year 

Rainfeather100 says:

I found it a little disrespectful when the stroller went through the
drawings. I would be pissed if someone ran over them.

Claudia Murillo says:

if that baby scared me i would’ve knocked the baby stroller over and ran

Markgee8 says:

God damn I would of punched the shit out of the baby 

jonny5777 says:

Why are black people so scared by things

Luke Nunis says:

Was that movie even good?

whatsgoingon07 says:

The janitor was like “finally we meet at last” lol

group 202402 says:

создатели тупые уёбки без морали и правил

Joseph Olivera says:

he put his middle finger up

Nathanial Millar says:

+crissy millar OMGG Radio me after you watch this #219

Максим Сивоглаз says:


ICarus Abaddon says:

saca o video +Leandro Lara Celio +mega allan kkkkkkkkkkk

Аслан Анаев says:


daniel sturdivant says:

I watched the movie. The baby in there was scarier

Илья Руденко says:

wow 50 664 073 watches

LarinArtem says:

1:00 мужик ничего не понял, но обосрался , 

Paul Henri says:

Hey how bout we box up 50,000 of these things and send them to ISIS

Rodney Jerry says:

Ohhh that’s funny ! Almost died laughing !

Tara Slappy says:

What about ol’ dude @ 1:00 who didn’t even flinch!

B. Rexie says:

Do this at night 😀 

426 SUPER BEE says:

Good Job You nail it

Renee Comage says:


Indiaexpress says:

Lol he should have been in Terminator 2 in place of T1000

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