Ellen Degeneres must see, Love my new sister- funny cute adorable baby video

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This is the cutest video of my granddaughters, Amy and Ava.
Amy sure loves her sister. My daughter says she a baby hog.
I am sure this video will be poplular.


misterludakris says:

THIS WILL NEVERRRRR be broadcast on any tv show especially the ellen
degenerous show because this is a video of a spoiled disgusting brat who
wasn’t raised properly who throws a fake crying tantrum every time she
doesn’t get what she wants- she is treating that poor baby like a toy not
like a fragile little baby that she loves. the very end of the video she
squeezes the baby’s head like it’s some kind of barbie and screams and the
mother FINALLY realizes that the toddler is too aggressive with the kid and
pushes her arm away. this video is DISGUSTING and shows bad parenting and a
spoiled ugly BRAT who I would never even allow to TOUCH a baby let alone
hold it the way she is. GET A REALITY CHECK GRANDMA and learn the
difference between Amy loving her sister and being a ”baby hog” and Amy
being a disgusting spoiled brat who treats her fragile baby sister like a
toy and throws tantrums with fake manipulative crying when she doesn’t get
the toy that she wants. DISGUSTING!! 

CamaroSeeker says:

whoa, first i thought this vid was cute and i read the top comment and was
like pfft when the fuck does that happen then the ending came and a shiver
ran down my spine and that was unnerving as fuck, stupid fucking kid and
especially shitty parents for raising that brat, i knew better at that age

I'm _ Ryll says:

Before you give a terrible comment, ask your parents what you were like
when you were a child. And remember, the older child is just two years old.

Syafiqah Zack says:

Hey, just reminding you that you’re hating on a kid who can’t really talk
properly yet. This is absolutely normal. If you work in a Hospital, you’d
find this perfectly normal when little kids were introduced to a new member
of the family. Besides, there are adults in the room. They know what to do.
So take your long hate comment else where. Smh.

Peter DeMarco says:

There is absolutely nothing wrong with what takes place in this video, as
any reasonable parent can attest. At no point was this baby mishandled by
the mother. At no point was the toddler even too rough with the baby. The
baby would have protested if the baby felt overly uncomfortable or hurt. I
think this mother deserves more credit for introducing the baby to the
toddler, allowing the toddler to explore and cuddle. The reaction of the
toddler when the baby is taken away is not bratty, but completely normal of
a child that age who loses something they were really into. Anyone with
parent experience could completely relate to this scenario with an
open-mind and understanding. For those who want to judge, I suggest that
you find another tree to bark up, perhaps about something you actually know
anything about.

Caty Eca says:

The end scared the hell out of me O_O Babies are so fragile in their first
months. But kids will be kids.. To people commenting about the toddler
being manipulative and crying on command and then stopping as soon as the
mother gives her the baby… guys every toddler does that from time to
time, you used to do it, just ask your parents, it’ll go away in time but,
I do agree with the people saying that the mother should be careful and
that someone must always be there when the toddler is around her little
sister, the toddler clearly loves her sister, and trust me keeping her
away, out of reach, is only going to make it bad, the toddler might
actually really grow to hate the little sister, keeping her away is not the
solution. Besides, have you ever seen toddlers around dogs or cats? They
grab them, pinch them, push them etc. They do not mean to harm, toddlers do
not do this with hurting in their mind, they do it because they are
children they are silly and they cannot yet tell good from bad apart, it’s
that simple. 

N Price says:

I’m just really concerned with the safety of this baby. What a spoiled
desgusting child, what a stupid parent. This is not cute or funny, it’s
just terrible. The little baby is so tiny and helpless, the kid could jump
or hit her in half second and it would be impossible to stop her. People
should take a IQ test before having children, honestly.

Kendall Holladay says:

At first I thought oh this is so cute, the little girl is going to be a
great big sister, then she started getting aggressive with pinching the
nose and the end scared me. I just hope that the parents of these children
watch their baby carefully. Just my opinion. 

nerdieone1 says:

Please, the kid in this video is a toddler! The parents had no business
letting her hold the infant to begin with!

ftobie84 says:

First I will like to comment that it is nice to see the little toddler meet
her newborn sister. But, there’s nothing cute about a toddler throwing a
fit to get whatever she want and then thought it was ok to squeeze the
child so tight, when being told to be gentle. This is what goes wrong when
allowing your kids to take over. Even though she’s a toddler, I’m sure she
doesn’t know right from wrong yet. But it’s toddler mother fault for
spoiling the hell into her. 

GamingMakeup And Hauls says:

Omg wtf hes way too young he nearly put the poor baby at risk did u see at
the end how he grabs the babys neck!!!!!!!??????

Ungung Gluk says:

Thank y;all for sharing this with all of us. Very very sweet, And so
peaceful and calm. I don’t like it when people yackety yack through their
kid vids. This was very nice. And I hope you don’t didn’t read all the
ignorant comments below. 

jpbudgirl004 says:

Jesus the more I see this the more I think to myself, that toddler really
is a manipulative little shit!!

God help that mother she’s going to need it and start the discipline

team1laird says:

I’m amazed at how ignorant, rude, and judgmental so many people are in the
comments. I mean, I’m being honest because I really don’t know what else to
call the garbage that gets posted under these types of videos. I’m super
glad, or hopeful, that some of you don’t have your own children….yikes,
to say the least. Grow up. It’s awesome how you have x-ray vision and can
see the mother and claim she is trailer trash, especially after reading the
garbage some of you type. Who’s really the trash here? WOW. I say, cute
baby and toddler. I held my baby brother when I was super young. He’s alive
and well, and 32. 😛 😛 😛 :-P

Kejda Xhanari says:

Oh come on you people. Stop being so judgmental. We’ve all been there,
we’ve all done that. When I was born my older sister said “I love you” and
then bit my hand. She didn’t think that what she was doing was something
bad. For her, it was an act of love. But hooray I’m still alive. They are
kids, they don’t know what is right and what is wrong. They do different
actions from one moment to another and there is no way in the entire world
for our parents and relatives to understand what their next move will be.
And accept it or not ( or whatever, it’s your choice ), all the kids are
spoiled, ALL OF THEM. And in the very first moment they understood what the
older daughter was doing, they took the baby away from her so you cannot
call them irresponsible. They are parents, first of all, they love their
babies more than you do.

Candice Harwood says:

My daughter NEVER acts that way. So to all of you saying “every kid is like
that”, they are most definitely not. If I tell my daughter to be gentle,
she is gentle. She knows that tantrums amount to nothing, and that
hitting/kicking is NEVER acceptable. This is bad parenting at it’s finest.
They’re putting the baby at risk of getting hurt, because they can’t
control their toddler from getting violent. I’m sorry, but my daughter
screaming “Mine!” while kicking me, would result in punishment, not “oh
she’s just tired..” There is absolutely no excuse for this behavior. I hope
one day her sister doesn’t try to take one of her toys. Things will
definitely get ugly. 

Walkertongdee says:

Love the video such wonderfull discovery!

But when I saw the trolls I thought id make a top ten comment I think you
will like.

How to tell a troll form a real person
A troll will troll videos looking for comments that he or she can find some
reason to criticize, demean the other person for self-aggrandizement,
Trolls will often make comments about what they know nothing about and make
mean comments about children and other innocent people.
They have an inflated sense of self-importance.
They have no manners.
They do not consider the feelings of other people.
They are mean and hateful
They will argue not for any constructive purpose but to be able to carry on
their agenda to hurt or put down others.
They have an agenda to discredit anyone to feed their abnormal psyche.
They are unable to communicate without swearing and name-calling.
And last of all is the most important they are not nice people.

Kelly B says:

At first I thought these hyper-critical comments were stupid: it’s just a
toddler meeting a baby and the parents on standby watching.

But then I saw the toddler fake cry and the mum go “oh, okay then”. No! Not
okay! You’ll end up with one hell of a spoilt, probably fat, little child
if you parent like that. Dudley Dursley springs to mind. You remind your
child to ask, you do not just give in to their obviously fake, learned
crying. Oh dear…

I think the rather scary ending happened specifically *BECAUSE* the child
is so spoilt and attention hungry. Work on that before you start letting
the kid hold a newborn baby!

mmmbad says:

Why in the hell would Ellen want to see this? Mom needs to slap the
stupid out of that girl. I only hope the newborn isn’t brought up the same

iraqia ana says:

Bad mom wtf I would never do that to my baby just to huuush the other one
oh no !!!!!! Dad must tell that mom to change 

TheLPSAngel101 says:

Too anyone who posted a rude comment PLEASE think how others will be
offended! The boy didnt know! And no he did not choke him. If he was the
baby would cry up a storm!!look at you! Ask your parents about how you
acted as a child! See? No ones perfect you guys! The person uploaded this
for entertainment. Not for you guys to nag

Danielle Lipinski says:

Honestly, all kids are a little difficult when they are 2 or 3. But
seriously, that kid needs to get disciplined. Such a spoiled brat…

The GamingVideos323 says:

Baby thinks: “God damn! you are not allowed to see my peepee! Im serous! If
you take a peek You will have no eyes.. LIKE ME!”

Angela B says:

See how it works. Cry and you get your way. Notice the smile after I get
the baby back.

Sweet RiaRoy says:

Ellen said doesn’t like kids especially babies she also airs funny or
important videos that are popular and will gain or gained national
attention. I don’t know why but the title of this video pisses me off. 

Eddie18 says:

They put the baby at risk I started panicking at the end when Amy grabbed
the baby’s neck

jameslyne jeudy says:

there so cute together

20Unbelievable06 says:

yes, Amy is just a toddler, and she doesn’t understand better than this,
and toddlers crying when they’re tired, all this is perfectly normal. but
the adult letting her have her way because she cries is HORRIBLE! I almost
had a heart attack at the end. this is not cute, it’s scary to see how the
adult acts. yes, she said no a few times and took the baby away after a
little bit at the end, but she let the toddler have her way WAY too much :(

SWM Halo Pro says:

as soon as she started kicking her, you should’ve slapped the kid and pick
up the baby #brat #bad parenting 

Ilia C. says:

This video rubs me the wrong way, and I share the general sentiment of
disapproval towards this video, though not the aggression. Even though Amy
the toddler is acting very bratty & unlikeable, opposite of cute I’d say,
especially towards the end of the video when her mini tantrum threatens the
safety of her just DAYS OLD NEWBORN sister, she’s still just a toddler
who’s also dealing with a pretty big change in her world. The problem with
this post is that it’s really just a boring video of someone’s
granddaughters, but grandma thinks it’s “the cutest” and she’s “sure [the]
video will be popular”, but it’s not even close to being Ellen-worthy. It’s
just a couple of babies doing nothing extraordinary, rather the grandmother
put her own daughter and granddaughters up for criticism from the entire

Zoltán Szamosi says:

Aranyos, ahogy a nagyobbik gyerek babusgatja a kis tesóját! Legalábbis én
úgy gondolom, hogy a kis tesója. De ez végül mindegy, a lényeg, hogy

Amber DeLorey says:

Wow that is so freaking stupid why can’t the boy just smack the baby

Paris Putman says:

That boy would get on my nerves not being mean he sqeased the baby’s head:O

kady toeur says:

That child is so selfish saying “mine!” Near the end and nearly hurting the
baby! Teach that one some manners I was so worried 

Euron Kelly says:

This is horrible

First that toddler enjoys when the baby cries how was he raised and the end
shocked me I’m disgusted by your child that is how he treats a newborn like
the toddler wants to kill that baby. That is child abuse and your toddler
needs to learn how to behave like an older brother would

Kala Dwarakanath says:

Amy is still a baby herself. At just two or three years o age, she doesn’t
deserve the nasty comments posted about her! The mother could’ve distracted
her with something before taking the baby away from her. She’s clearly

Abhilash .h says:

I love this video , i really really love the amy smile in this video and i
really like the word that amy used to say in this video that is ” small
baby , a small baby” i was so so so cute , i love you amy. thank you for
wonderful video .

Toast702 says:

I have to agree with misterludakris. Not cool and really surprised that you
would allow your child to get what she wants through bad behavior. Poking
and handling the newborn rough you still gave the baby back to the child.
She doesnt comprehend that its a life to be treated with gentleness. Dumb
Dumb Dumb

sivadharini palanivel says:

soo..cute :)

Shirley Neequaye says:

Awww.. she didn’t want the baby to be taken away

Britney Fellen says:

Nothing like kicking a baby and grabbing its neck. Be a parent next time.

rich allen says:

How cute is that tiny baby?! Gorgeous little thing bless her.

Chandrasekaran Seetharaman says:
Miranda Aliu says:

Little brat! 

crazylittlepartytifs says:

Well this video is far from cute funny and adorable.

legirl says:

She’s a baby…she’s only 2 yrs old. That’s how mostly 2,3,4 yrs old r.
They wanna hold babies and sometimes they don’t wanna give them up. All the
people who said she’s a brat n call her all bad names, look @ ur own kids.
I’m glad the mother was more careful of how Amy was to her lil sister and I
guess the dad was on the phone I could hear him saying why Amy had the
baby. They were all careful. They didn’t want anything to happen. As for
Amy, she’s jst a baby not a brat. Sometimes kids thinks of babies as their
dolls. So get over it hypocrites people. You guys r so judgmental. 

Joan Hernandez says:

STUPID TODDLER !!!! At the end he was about to hurt that little baby if
that was my KID I would’ve spanked him !!!!! This video is not cute but it
made me get so mad

Angelinaqueen Delarea says:

OK to be honest you can’t let the child take over you. You are the parent
and you have to take over them and you can’t let the kid just “hurt” the
baby like if it was a toy or something because the end of that video scared
me!!! Such a poor fragile baby ……..

Shaylah Mcken says:

Your Wright but don’t call her a brat

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