First Birthday Cake – Funny Baby

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Baby eating her first cake.


Jackie MacGuire says:

Pfft, I’m 22 and I still do this…

Julia Szrage says:

Dziś są moje pierwsze urodziny , hahaaaa

G-Punkt Jordan says:

First Birthday Cake – Funny Baby:

TikiShootah says:

soon as she gets older… shes gona be soooo embrassed by this 😛 

الركابي وسن says:

First Birthday Cake – Funny Baby:

Maddox Kane says:

First time I had a cake my mom blew my candles out and I smashed my head
into cake!

Mackenzie B says:

Oh my gosh, that is so cute!

Xoras says:

She was looking at them an the end like… “What are those huge humans
laughing at?” Awwww! :’D

Ooorukguy Ooruk says:

Hhahaha….she is damn cute and love her lil pigtails…hahaha

Bienville25 says:

This is exactly why there’s an obesity epidemic in this country. It’s
neither cute nor funny to see an infant stuffing her face with an entire
chocolate cake. At this rate, the kid will have diabetes by kindergarten
and her first heart attack at 15.

The Harlem says:

Ahí donde esta no le quiere dar pastel a nadie, Niña mesquina y uno con
hambre. jjajaj

Nahashon Kimemia says:

He he he 😀 babies make the world go round, so much joy they bring us.

donald hillegass says:

she dead

Ragab Farag says:

First Birthday Cake – Funny Baby:

Black Knight says:

Honey Boo Boo prequel

John Martin says:

Did 2k people really give this a thumbs down? Are there really that many
evil entities in this world?

Enrique Cervantes says:

some kids and even adults can’t afford cake nor have seen cake in their
whole life. What a bliss.

Melantha Blackrose says:

Awww, I remember when my little cousin hd his first cake. We gave him a
little bit sonhe wouldnt make a mess….a quarter in of cake…wow….never
thought it could be spread so far

tari taro says:

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Giulia Wyatt says:

the cuteness is rrreeeeaaallllll ❤

Luiza Richter says:

The baby is realy cute, but how stupid her parents must be, to let her put
the face on pie, und then to laugh at her! Poor kid….

barbaro267 says:

Just so everyone knows, babies having cake for their first birthday is not
new. When my cousin was 1, he had a cake (he’s also like 12 now). I don’t
know if my siblings and I had one though. And the fact that the baby is
surrounded by people laughing at what she’s doing, she’s learning to
recognize voice patterns. She can tell it’s not bad, and later she’s able
to realize that she can laugh along.

Sherman Jonathan says:

this how I eat my cake every year!

Twenni Wan says:

what about teh kids in africa 

Izumi X Ryouma says:

Awww so cute. For those who says that this kid is gonna be obese… dude
it’s not like she eats chocolate cake everyday. It only causes obesity if
you eat it too much. I’m pretty sure if I eat McDonalds right now I won’t
gain 200 lbs and die

Cynthia Nixon says:

Are her eyes seriously royal blue? or the camera is making them look that
way. super cute!!! <3

Kyle Carter says:

How dare these parents let their child have a cake to themselves for the
ONE DAY SHE TURNS ONE YEAR OLD! How dare they make memories with their
child! How dare they give their little girl diabetes! Studies show that it
only takes one part of a cake to get diabetes and to be overweight, after
all! Since I just watched a 2 minute video of this child I know everything
about these parents and that child and their health! I’m an expert, I know
everything. I’m also a bitter, hateful, pessimist who hates watching other
people have enjoyment in their lives while I sit miserable at home. Why
should this little girl have joy in her life, while there are still moments
that I could be buzzkilling. 

Teofil Raileanu says:

re ta r ded parents …

Debbie Brewer says:

First Birthday Cake – Funny Baby: this you got
to watch so funny

seeseel eel says:

First Birthday Cake – Funny Baby:

Erna manis says:

I love babi. ..

mojo adam says:

while that baby throws at sits on the cake hundred of thousands of needy
children are starving could’ve ate that cake man

algerienne says:

A chute baby …. I love her

Marlon Williams says:

Racist baby ,trying to do blackface

Józef Wilniewczyc says:

Dziś są moje pierwsze urodziny , hahaaaa

Samantha Watson says:

is the kid crying or is she laughing at the end

Vennila Deepa says:

babies r always cute n their behaviou s quite naughty bt interesting to

soniakolluru says:

Obesity starts early here in America. 

Laika Baeten says:

Haha this is so cute 😀 plies watch my video’s about my baby P’z xxx

magill muñoz says:

la bebe estaba anciosa de comerse ese pastel igual que yo, yo tambien hacia
eso cuando tenia 2 o 3 añitos 

zainab sulieman says:

its funny 

vrintha kv says:


PrincessKate757 says:

Yep,…….there’s me for ya!!!!

M4SS3CR3 says:

Babies like “Watch ya lookin at?, I wasted half my energy stomping on the
cake, now I need energy”

Rousteau Axel says:

My first kilos <3 and I'm proud of it !

miranda martinez says:

Me on my birthday’s

Things Worth Sharing says:

little girl asks what’s virgin , mom ? #funny

Annabel G says:

Horible parents

Nguyễn Hữu Mạnh says:

ngày duy nhất mẹ bạn cười khi thấy bạn khóc

Baby Gift Idea says:

I don’t know which is funnier, her hair, her eating birthday cake or her
nick name, Goose

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