Funny babies annoying cats – Cute cat & baby compilation

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Babies are so sweet and just want to play, but I don’t think cats like that. They probably see them as some kind of annoying jerks 😛 Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!

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fuckXtheXsystem says:

Are these people aware that their dumb fucking babies are hurting the cats?

MetalUnitesPeople says:

Poor kitties :/
There’s something really wrong in their heads when the parents starts to
blaim the cat for “hurting” the baby…
They should realise that cats are independent creatures that need their
personal space!

lov2aclr8 says:

Children are vindictive and evil
Fuck your kids

Adin Raiche says:

The cats are a hazard to the babies and the babies are a hazard to the cats

Ghost named Frank says:

2:14 No chinese baby! Don’t eat it raw!

jannisares says:

Its amazing how patient the kitties are with little kids.

leeboonkang2 says:

Cats be like “what did i do to deserve this??”

Illan Maillard says:

Most of these vids are completly stupid parents laughing at their kids
bullying poor kittens … And kids learn and like to do so cause parents
laugh at it like it’s normal … That’s pretty sad :(

Tiger Productions says:

Funny annoying babies.. Poor cats! :P

Saltasuraelaka says:

Then the cat gets annoyed cause of your horrible parenting and
bites/scratches the fuck out of your baby. Now its bleeding. Serves you

Samantha May says:

Uhm.. I would not be laughing at my child pulling the hair off of my cat.
That’s just rude. You think those cats like being hit, and having their
hair pulled out?? Your kids need a spanking, and YOU need a spanking. 

İdil Mert says:

Funny babies? They are not funny.

Mark Andrew says:

I get the feeling that some of these cats have been declawed since the
babies are annoying them enough to get scratched. That first little shit
baby needs his head cracked against the wall. Animal killer in the making.

Kat ma says:

More like annoying babies!!

Cailee Vlogs says:

love them both, babies and cats

MrJJtheboss says:

how can u let your child just kick a cat whilst climbing over it? the baby
fucking kicks the cat 4 times in its belly… wtf? how are these people
parents? they dont even understand a simple cat…. they wanna raise a
baby? goodness gracious…. 

Daniel tony says:

Funny babies annoying cats – Cute cat & baby compilation :

John Doe says:

Some people should not have kids or pets. 

Adea Issa says:

Why is the tittle funny babys annoying cats? The cats ARE getting
hurt/harmed by those babys. Those baby’s are annoying the cats. It should
say annoying babys and funny (or harmed) cats. I don’t get it, the parents
are laughing in the background. Lets say the baby gets hurt they would
punish the cat, if the cat gets hurt they wont care. Remember this is my
opinion. #cats

1rkhachatryan says:

At 1:17, dat boop doe :3…

Shiva Jothika says:

Funny babies annoying cats – Cute cat & baby compilation:

monica cruz says:


XxMaritxX says:

I feel sorry for the cats
But people have to realize animals know when someone is a baby
Just like we do

Would you hit a kid if kind of slapped you?
Im around kids all the time and they do it to me too
But it doesnt hurt

And if it does, l tell them to stop
And so do animals
If someone goes to far it always starts off with a warning

Luciminette says:

Je plains ces pauvres chats. Les parents devraient apprendre aux enfants à
respecter les animaux au lieu de les encourager en rigolant. 

Alden Bodwell says:

Most usually your stuff is funny. This isn’t.

xMeyTheCatX says:

The baby at 2:28 is like
” Here you should try that too 🙂 “

Skyler Hollie says:


Gail Snyderman Newberg says:

I’m see a lot of abuse going on, especially with cats. Not funny!

Carmelo Bonifacio Malandrino says:

Niente da fare:è evidente che c’è un’intesa reciproca tra cuccioli umani e
gatti e cani.E forse anche con lupe se c’è la leggenda di Romolo e Remo
allattati da una lupa.Forse abbiamo troppo in fretta espresso giudizi sui
nostri fratelli a quattro zampe

XxMaritxX says:

People blame the babies… You can’t blame them.. Blame the parents.
Animals are careful with babies. They care and know its a baby.

FatMan951 says:

See the Asian baby trying to eat the cat priceless 

Michelle Geren says:
Owen Martinelli says:

This is not funny or cute at all. It’s extremely easy for something to go
wrong and the baby or cat ends up injured. Please, do not let your children
play rough with animals.

whitwhit87 says:

For those of you that dont have children, especially a baby, these parents
are not letting their children “bully” the cat. You really expect a baby to
know how to “caress” something? Most babies hit/bat at eveything, pull
everything, put EVERYTHING in their mouth so yea, this is not ” bullying”.
Now the very last clip at the end where the boy was pulling hard they
shouldve stopped him but i dont see anythig wrong with the rest because
thats just what babies do! Bullying is more like kicking or punching…

Capitán Obvious says:

Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976 doesn’t apply to entertainment
otherwise the music and movie pirates would have a field day.

Jim Smith says:

This video disturbs me greatly! These babies aren’t funny or cute and their
dumbass parents are just mean-spirited! 

Rod Hollier says:

Those babies look ugly against those cats. 

AjS xvidgamez says:

babies think it’s a toy stop letting them near animals

KevinTheNerd says:

Just seeing that baby slapping the cat and then the cat repeatedly smacking
her was revenge. 

Anne Cathrine Hansen says:

This isn’t really funny though. Like those people who are like “CATS ARE
When a fat little baby (all babies are fat) crawl over a cat, man, it could
go so wrong! And grabbing its fur, these cats were being really patient
with the babies but parents shouldn’t let such small kids do all this to
their cats. Poor cats.

billy lilly says:

i’d be more concerened about the cats accidently scratching the babies in
the eye

Yesbutdoubtful says:

Would be funnier if the cats were not declawed. As it stands, title should
be “cruel parents allow cute babies to annoy cats.”

TheLMMish says:

A dog would never attack an infant in such brutal manners! GO DOGS!
jk… good video :)) but still… GO DOGS!

Holly Karnish says:

what is wrong with some of these people, how F’n stupid, they let their
kids hit and pull the cats tail and fur and expect the cat not to do
anything???? REALLY?????? F’n grow up stupid parents 

Cristina Arnett says:

They shouldn’t be letting the babies hurt the cats, they’re gonna end up
getting scratched and the cat will end up mean and anti social.

aiysha aziz says:

Poor cats….. If the babies gets hurt the cats will be punished…. What
if someone tries to annoy ur babies can u tolerate it…. Then y those poor

Garfum says:

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offer 10 cash prizes each month for the best rated videos. 

Maria Laura Gioia says:

Funny babies annoying cats – Cute cat & baby compilation:

Nika Monchi says:

1:32 poor tabby….

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