Funny babies annoying dogs – Cute dog & baby compilation

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Babies are cute and nice but sometimes they can be really annoying. Just look how they annoy poor patient dogs 😛 They are just playing but I’m sure dogs don’t like when they climb over them, ride them, scream and so on 😉 Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!

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Mokibo says:

I remember being a kid and doing this stupid shit to my dog…. I regret it
fully and kids today are doing stuff I did to the poor dogs.

Romy van Borkulo says:

Real responsible parents/dogowners.. NOT! By the looks of it, most of the
dogs are allowing it but there are some vids where I can say for sure the
dog doesn’t like it.. be glad that you’re dog won’t bite, but you have to
teach children to be careful with dogs and especially with dogs they don’t
know. Because they’ll think they can do the same things with other dogs as
they do with their dog.. 

Matthew Gonzalez says:

All of the dogs were like “I didn’t sign up for this”

Charlie The Beagle and Laura Olivia says:

My daughter loves to eat my dog ears. ..but dogs loves attention so they
have it with babies:)

myusername0wns says:

Cute dogs. I don’t like the babies though. They need to be given away
before they hurt the dogs.

CallMeWhatsername says:

Puppies only tackle and chew on their parents’ ears, feet, muzzles, and
anything else they can get a hold of on them. I think they can handle
babies without razor sharp teeth. They know they’re babies, and at any
rate, you’re acting as if they just threw a baby at a random dog. These
dogs have watched these babies grow up and are obviously used to it.

If a puppy chews on you, and plays too rough, is he abusing you? No, he’s

Gabrielle Bass says:

Guys, dogs can handle a little teasing. calm down

Kenyan Bunnie says:

Way to ruin the fun of this video comp. And some crazy fucker said they
were hoping to see one of these dogs maul the baby. Insane!

Greg Jacques says:

it’s too bad the dogs didn’t rise up against their slavemasters and eat
their children whole. it’s justice!

Micah Welch says:

Love seeing pits interacting and being patient with these small children.
Really hits the point home that it’s the owner of the dog that makes has
the potential to make it violent and not the dog itself. 

Andrea Boccardo says:

Poor dogs… i hate little kids i hate them

Redneck Froggy says:

these dogs are communist

GoZuHaZa says:

5:05 whats happening? howling because its fed up with the little bastard
child makin noise?

RAJJYOTI Bhattacharjee says:

Funny babies annoying dogs 

rodentcafeteria says:

I really don’t think most of these dogs (particularly the older ones) are
enjoying the attention – they’re just tolerating it. And in the case of a
couple of those pit bulls, regardless of how well-trained and raised in a
house of love and blah, blah, blah, they can be unpredictable, especially
with small, vulnerable children.

sasrob28 says:

Should never let a baby do some of this stuff to any animal. It’s fine well
you are watching but one day u may not be in the room and the dog may well
bite if the baby try it alone. Just not worth the risk. Dog’s get bad day’s
too which can result in them attacking. Would u like someone poking you on
a bad day.!! Luckily it’s rare to hear family dog’s attacking baby’s but i
still would never take the risk just not worth it. 

QUAG says:

Dogs are awesome. Cats sucks donkey balls.

iiCamaxtli says:

Dogs > annoying babies

googleisshittoss says:

Wouldn’t let my kids do this with the dogs personally.
It’s only ‘cute’ until the kid get’s it’s face bitten off

rufjvm2008 says:

Too risky.
The dogs might be very dangerous for the children.

Bienvenida Cascales Villaverde says:

Funny babies annoying dogs – Cute dog & baby comp…:

Roberto Dallossi says:

Se os cachorros não existissem, precisariam ser inventados. Ter a amizade e
o afeto de um cão, é uma das maiores honrarias que um ser humano pode

Diệu Trần says:

The last one is the best one. :=D

Sandra Butros says:

Yes dogs are cute and babies playing with dogs is even more cute but its
really dangerous no one can predict when the dog has enough and bites. 

SweetChocolate says:

thats not funny…. poor dogs… 

Julia Dziubla says:

Lol no joke joke.

Miso Souperstar says:

How could you let your dog play with a baby like that? At any point the
baby could have bit the dogs face off. Babies are vicious and
unpredictable. Spay and neuter your baby today!

Snoopy The Pilot dog says:

3:35 Look it’s Betooven ^.^

Liquidcarbondioxide says:

You can tell if a dog is enjoying what the babies are doing by looking at
its tail. If it’s waging and swinging around its a indication that they are
quite happy.

CrazyOwl says:

I wouldn’t let my baby brother do this with our dogs personally. It’s only
‘cute’ until the kid gets its face bitten off! This isn’t funny at all. The
first one look pretty dangerous to me. Those dogs have a bad temper and if
they have a bad reaction there could be a tremendous disgrace!

stuart little says:

pitbulls can kill and have killed humans .didnt know some parents of the
21st century are a bunch of idiots for letting their toddlers play with

Airyanna Durand says:

Some of u people need to understand that not all dogs are going to be
aggressive.. if they are around babies or adults… some of u people r
getting to heated over something as stupid as a helpless video of babies
with their best friends so just calm the fuck down.. it’s not that big of a
deal ok.

Kristian Torres says:

I dont think that the babies are funny at all

Khrista Mcbride says:

When my sis was born, i have ocd so you know. And she went on my dog then
you know what happened? I pushed her off then i got grounded… Happened a
few times xD

bluebell bunch says:

Funny babies annoying dogs – this is a video to show that babies annoy
animals too! Pets like commpeny but not like this video. Give you pet time
to eat, or have a nap. Be a true owner!
Think about that… Are you a true owner???

Iris Basan says:

Und dann wird sich gewundert wenn die zubeissen

María Magdalena Cahuana says:

que belleza de animales es verdad que el perro es mas humano que el hombre

Arina Kom says:

Кто тут РАША блин

Dakota Highmore3 says:

awww this so cute i cried <3

Daniel Doucette says:

Aww a lot of people get their fingers hurt in their front bums ?

Seriously people It’s a fucking video on YouTube and no one gives a shit
about self proclaimed know it all arm chair commando trolls 

sean baker says:

if the dog snaps, cause even animals have a bad day sometimes,or are sick
even, what then? you got to teach a child respect for an animal, or things
can go wrong,

Joe Bryant says:

Parents that let their kids try to ride a dog like a horse know nothing
about animals. Dogs can rip a kids face off in two seconds without meaning
any harm

izalea says:

Jealous until the dog eats the baby

Alex Tidmarsh says:

The baby that’s on the the dog the dog is like “get off now just just now”

MrHelldogger says:

More of those vicious killer attack Pit Bulls attacking children.

Leila Metreveli says:
KevinTheNerd says:

Also don’t let you child bother a sleeping dog your lucky the kid would

Kia Nurminen says:

I think that shi tzu 1:20 was playing.

Anna Sauer says:

Funny babies annoying dogs – Cute dog & baby compilation:

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