funny baby in the mirror. CUTE! cute! CUTE!

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wee girl makes friends with the other baby in the mirror


Nicole Willis says:

The baby be like: who dat’ sexy piece of Chubb staring at me, ooh you so
fine, let me just grab you up!

aalexmary says:

Very cute! Lord Jesus bless her! She wants to play with the “other baby”.
Cutie! I laughed. She is adorable. 

gracie charleston says:

OMGosh…what a beautiful baby!!!

drjue1 says:

Funny to think that baby is now 6 years old

Jakethesnake903 says:

cute baby this made made ne lol

Tsn Thamattur says:

God may grace the baby; so cute; I love it

Sierra Danowitz says:

Awwww she wanted to play with the other baby (herself) that was cute and
bless that child she’s so cute and adorable

Flint Ironstag says:

,Hey bro, nice to meet you! High five! :-)

Lexi Rose says:

no the baby is seven

Gogeta GokuVegeta says:

its not about pizza chica the duck

Wallace says:

cute humans

aswathi ramesh says:


Ashley DeCoppel says:

So Cute Baby And funny Video………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lexi Rose says:

right now in 2015

Carrie Yang says:

i can’t see this!

Tiyana Bennett says:


ForeverMoustache! says:

soooooo cute

husna perveen says:

babies are always innocent

khrys main says:

Lovely video. It amazes me how 144 managed (somehow!!) to dislike this.

herms16 says:

Y r u such an angel?? Cho chweet 

Gogeta GokuVegeta says:


SAAMIAM99 says:

Funny. My cats know that the mirror is just a mirror. I think we are so
helpless when we are born.

이창식 says:

He seems like Geun-joo, famous singer in Korea

abdullahkamel40 says:

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Lucas Nelson says:

He hit his balls! Like 5 secs into the vidoe

crystal brown says:


Saroona Eisa says:

That little baby is so cute

Ashley DeCoppel says:
Esther Almuni says:

wonderful video
this child is able to identifie his image with mirror
excellent work I like a lot
children are completely pure innocence,
this video has amazed me a lot
from Free Catalonia peaceful and democratic oppressed by Spain

Huyền Lê says:

Boy or girl?

Romelyn Rios says:

Thats so cute

Caz P says:

priceless !

Zoe Wolf says:

So cute

Fabio Italiano says:

so cute !

jaba kiladze says:

Ssssssssssooooooooooo cccccccccccuuuuuuuuuuutttttttttttteeeeeeeeeee

Chillart Baby says:


chica the duck says:
Jasmine Pikula says:


rakshana mahalingam says:
Lucas Nelson says:

Wat he was not even cute him=sstan

AishwaryaGupta says:

dis is fake

Lynn Michaels says:
julionna alvarez says:

so cute

TerAysha Jackson says:

ssssooooooo CCCCUUUTTTTEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

paulina alvarez says:



Cherryohs1976 says:


Project Neander says:

She is enjoying it all right 🙂 Like him:

The Rise and Fall of a Naughty Kid

Chetan Kumar says:


Onebig Toe says:

Good for you two, one behind baby for safety while other films.

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