FUNNY BABY VIDEOS – Over 40 Minutes of Cuteness and Laughter

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Pom Gets Wi-fi says:

If some people here hate babies… They once used to be a baby… So does
that make them hate themselves technically?

Georgie Woollacott says:

This video is disgusting !! How can ANYONE think a baby / toddler / child
hurting themselves is funny ?! It’s not. And this video is sick !

MJ WhiskyOmega says:

Amazing to see all of the world’s child protection advocates on one forum;
kids have accidents all through life whether the parents are there or not,
it’s how they learn how to navigate their environments and that some things
cause pain and are best left alone. Infants are naturally made durable with
flexible bones and joints for this reason, just ask any pediatrician. Gawd.
Such bleeding hearts. As a 3 year old I fell off of the sofa and knocked
all of my front teeth out on the coffee table, lesson learned: don’t jump
on the f*ing couch!

Sugardaisy05 bee says:

FUNNY BABY VIDEOS – Over 40 Minutes of Cuteness a…:

lonelyheroine says:

Thanks so much for uploading this gallery of cuteness! The laughs were
certainly needed. :)

Sunny-D Curles says:

If you hate babies, then you shouldn’t even be here!! I don’t understand
what the HELL your problem is!!!!!!!!!! God made babies and the world, not
you!!! You did not design this earth!!! I don’t understand some people’s
dislike of them. I’m just wondering if you are retarded or don’t even know
that YOU were a baby, once upon a time. And YOU, YES YOU, will be called
during the Time of Judgment!!!!!!!!!!

carbon2127 says:

14:35 my family heard that they were like “WTF” are you watching!!

MsCinis says:

It’s funny when babies laugh. It’s funny when they get curious about new
things. It can be funny even when they get a little scared by something

Ratna Dwi Oetami says:

plung … huakakakakakakakak ^_^

Kwame Obeng says:

nice but babies falling from stairs and tables is not funny

LukasWarHero says:

0:53 this video is sponsored by Bing™.

Tiara Douthit says:

I love how when the babies fall or get scared most of the parents or
relatives put down the camera and went to check on them. That is a sign of

Viki chandika says:

Please do not give citrus fruits to babies, their tongue is very sensitive.
After they had taste the citrus their tongue will be very itching for long

Chey Hines says:

Are you fucking serious? Majority of these videos should have been
reported… Its disgusting that half of these parents just sat there and
did nothing… Like the big chick in the lazyboy… The boy was on her lap
fell and she fucking almost smashed his head from being under the chair…
You’re fucking disturbed and really need help…… Fucking p.o.s

Kala Dwarakanath says:

A lot of these parents are not fit to be parents! That silly woman laughing
her head off e
When her baby is struggling eat what she’s feeding him, for instance! I
couldn’t watch past this. Grow up, you stupid parents!

Bri Lane says:

21:14 is the funniest thing ive ever seen

exintrovert says:

I enjoyed the beginning of this video, but then it went into a marathon of
babies smashing their face onto the ground or getting hit by doors or
falling into water or off couches or getting whacked in the head by
siblings… Nothing cute or funny about a painful baby cry.

bella sawabini says:

what the hell how’s it funny when a baby is crying and coughing?!! :l if
ppl think thats funny, well, the baby might be sick and suffering and u
think dis is funny??! wow ppl wow.

michael lucas says:

my baby love to watch this video she keeps on laughing while she is
watching the babies.

StyleBy Elin says:

its not funny when the babies fall.

Lola Hamilton says:

I can’t be the only person watching this thinking that its actually a video
about incompetent adults 

HamidahIshak says:

Salaa brothers and sisters..babies are angels on earth.Treat them piaget.hamdh.

Hannah Fletcher says:

This started off funny then babies are hurting themselves?! Very disturbing
to watch ! Your sick delete this video 

Laika Baeten says:

Haha this is so cute 😀 plies watch my video’s about my baby P’z xxx

Icel Felonia says:

baby is a God gift and easy to make it…and they’re alwys gave a happiness
in their parent but the big responsibility is hard to carry…but i wish i
have own baby 4r guide me when im older…

the mad hatter says:

2’15″GOD BLESS:)))

Barbara E. Hoban says:

Good video, although some parts were WAY too long

BeepBeepDayBus Inn says:


Audra Peters says:

I’d rather get child protection against parents letting their babies get
hurt and don’t give a rats ass about it

Kala Dwarakanath says:

A crying baby is not funny! A baby who’s in pain is nothing to laugh about!

bedu reza says:

wtf..some video not funny at all. 

Libby O'Neill says:

That’s very funny. Thanks for sharing

Trinitarian love says:

OMG all of you calm down the baby falling are very minor accident u guys
are waaayyyy to dramatic go get a life I bet some of the babies grew up saw
the videos and bust out laughing u guys need to calm down the babies are
fine and the parents are not bad for laughing babies are born to cry so
take a chill pill and CALM DOWN

Zouhair Nabat says:

Regardez cette vidéo sur YouTube :

Lisa Moss says:

this is cruel and not funny you should feel sorry people getting hurt is
not funny at all

Tori Mae says:

It was great except for the babies getting hurt

Made Zwart says:

You put your baby naked on YouTube. It is possible to get some Peoples
attention and i don’t mean the good ones. . It’s just an oppinion 

haruhilisette says:

I don’t blame that little girl. Bodega cats can be mean lol

kari nilsen says:

babies hurting them self is NOT funny! i get pissed watching this!!!

Hannah Fletcher says:

Really disliking the bits where babies fall over on their heads?! Not funny
at all!!!

T Kabashi says:

Check out this video on YouTube:oh f hhfhx v chef

2Sophista2 says:

This isn’t cute. This is disgusting.

rap queen says:

If it was my kid I’d put my camera right down and see if my baby was ok 

Lorenze Andrew B says:

@ 21:40… i thought the baby’s gonna get crushed.. O_o

Child Trust says:


marla mae de jose says:

Check out this video on YouTube:hsrbmgryrr f


kchester1324 says:

Check out this video on YouTube: put

Thebzchannel says:

Is that link from good mythical morning? I swear I saw him

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