Funny cats and babies playing together – Cute cat & baby compilation

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Cats can be very ignorant and mean but these cats are something special. Just look how all this kitties like to play with babies. It’s so cute isn’t it 😉 Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!

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Gian-Luca Gagliardi Grant says:

I seen some dewclawed cats in this video… What fucking moron does that?
They need there claws for balancing and jumping etc. its fucking abuse.

lov2aclr8 says:

Babies are ugly amd disgusting. .. some of them will grow up to be retards.

Cats are funny though treating babies like humans.

Your Wayward Destiny says:

From the description “Cats can be very ignorant and mean” wow. Harsh.

Marie fleurs says:

trop craquant je vous la fait partager aussi

N, Nasko Tatic says:

If you are a smart parent, keep your babies far from any animals. Do not be
so stupid and ask me why.

Alden Bodwell says:

Only humans are ignorant and mean. Cats are animals that can be very
loving, depending on how humans treat them.

Corrado Soprano says:

These Cats are coming dangerously close to slicing an eye ball in half and
I love cats but this is irresponsible. Eye balls get sliced just like
grapes it’s disgusting but the point is there’s no surgery that can fix it.
I’m also do not support de-clawing cats. All you can do is trim their claws
once a week just like we clip out fingernails. I still wouldn’t let the
tamest cat that close to an infant. Not until they’re at least 4-5 years
old. How could you forgive yourself if your child lost an eye?

Tiger Productions says:

Cats and babies can get along very well :P

Maria Rosario Alonso says:

Funny cats and babies playing together – Cute cat & baby compilation:

Carlwat78 says:

Smh Am I the only one that notices the baby playing near the stairs? 5:00

Matt Canon says:

lucky kids, my grandparents’ cats always scratched and bit the hell out of
us lol

Scamp Barnabas says:

What’s the difference from jelly and jam?

You can’t jelly your dick in a dead baby.

江文科 says:

「Funny cats and babies playing together – Cute cat & baby compilation」:

computer2computer says:

Hopefully that Asian baby at the end, won’t grow up to eat his cat friend

OldKingCoal [HappyPony82] says:

Awwwwww, so cute! :D

Tania Hajjar says:

Funny cats and babies playing together – Cute cat…:

cukomoy says:

lindos gatitos y bebitos jijijijij diversion y amor mmmmm jajajaj

Ritabrata Majumder says:

Babies are f*cking violent! I would never have them in front of animals
cause I know they will try to bite them!

NicsterV says:

Definitely funny but the one I made is a lot better. It had my brother in
tears from laughing so hard!

Max Fadveev says:

6:00 – “Пи3… ДА!!!”,- Подумал мой испорченный русский мозг.

Diane Lynn says:

Comment, ‘Cats can be very ignorant…’ Really?? Cats are cats and like all
animals are incapable of ignorance, that is a human trait. Mean? Not
usually. Not unless they’re frightened or threatened. That is a really
ignorant comment.

Daniel tony says:

Funny cats and babies playing together – Cute cat & baby compilation :

nabi says:

im cring right now because my cat is about to die

Aub Musa says:

Funny cats and babies playing together –
Cute cat…:
سبحان الله العظيم ماشالله

Alquada Muhammed says:




Matte Edström says:

Did not see much “cat and babies playing” mostly cats accepting baby, the
first video even shoved a hoarder cat.

DerZeppterdesAldi says:

2:07 is like ,,Grrr I want to scratch out you eyes so bad but Im not
allowed to. “

stephen lang says:

Could someone here provide a rational and scientific explanation as to why
People should not have there Cats declawed?

luz Salguero says:

Funny cats and babies playing together – Cute cat & baby compilation:

LiChai Epperson says:

The internet’s best things in 1 video!!!! Surprised it hasn’ gotten more

Navin Sharma says:


haash says:

title of this video should be.. “careless parenting with complete
ignorance” there is nothing cute about a cat waving its paw close to the
babies face and actually scratching the childs eye ball out. you stupid
moms wont be laughing in the video like you are now.

Iván Peregrina says:

Even cats like babies

doop00 says:

5:03 they didn’t give either the child or the cat a chance did they? with
those names…

Franus Kepa says:

You can see that the cat is not happy with what the baby is doing

Michael Dillon says:

5:06 yes.. leave your baby right next to a flight of non gated stairs…

museack says:

No way would I let an unpredictable cat have that kind of free access to my
infant. Not to mention anything on the cat that could cause a problem for
the baby’s under developed immune system.

Gavin Jess says:

Babys are bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? __wwwwwwwwwwwww
hhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyy!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

leroysam1 says: vote for Sue so the
Dearborn Animal Shelter can win money! Only 2 days left!

Типичный Кот says:
Klara Rožič says:


Chimney the cat says:

I love how the cat in the first one follows the baby around and tolerates
getting its fur pulled. Such a good kitty ;u;

LeaLibnen says:

isn’t that a little risky? Cats can go crazy at you sometimes :/

Detbästanamnetnågonsin says:

What is up with all the sounds Babies do all the time

Jen Marchman says:

i love cats and babys

Sky Marshall says:

Ich kann Babies nicht ausstehen. Wenn ich die höre springt mein
Fluchtinstinkt an.

Liana van Zitteren says:

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