Funny dogs and babies talking – Cute dog & baby compilation

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Here’s a compilation of dogs and babies having some kind of conversations. Isn’t it cute when dogs or puppies and babies try to talk and communicate 😉 Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!

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Ishiku Yūki says:

Its interesting how dogs respond to those screams of babies
Those screams are like an instinctive language
And they seem to respond out of instinct with howling like wolf
I wonder if they understand each other

Patrick McKinney says:

The Reason Why Is For Peoples Protection, And For Compainionship! I Don’t
Care If Someone Trys To Break Your House And You Dont Have A Gaurd Dog To
Protect Your Family! Garrenteed Is Going To Happen!

Jahobes says:

What is that ridiculous contraption at 2:50?

Martina Chiara says:

poor doggies! they are feeling pain because of the high pitched voices if
the babies!!!

what’s cute in this??

Wilbur Snaffel says:

No more babies, we’re full. You want a baby ? Adopt a critter. NO MORE
If I could invent a bomb that would make people impotent, I would. No more

luis grant says:

the Babies noise is too sharp for the dogs that’s why they are howling,
nothing to do with talking.

Luis alvaro says:

Funny dogs and babies talking – Cute dog & baby c…:

Kübra Simge Sevinc says:

Funny dogs and babies talking – Cute dog & baby compilation:

Petland Novi says:

Funny dogs and babies talking

VanessX22TheDramatic says:

It was cute when the baby was being licked by the doggie and i loved
everything, everything was cute, because it really was like if they were
understanding what they were saying, so it was really cute!! :D

David Butler says:

Excellent family 😀 a husky AND the Walking Dead on TV!

Hiteshree Pandya says:

how cute babies n dogs both cute

Frederik Bøgelund says:

0:53 : ‘Would you please be quite now!? im trying to take a nap!’
1:44 : ‘Come at me bro! huh are you scared? come at me’
2:25 : are they watching ‘The walking dead? i love that series!
3:20 : ‘Can i eat him? he looks tasty’

Maria Laura Gioia says:

Funny dogs and babies talking – Cute dog & baby compilation:

myfavoritescenes says:


Dog watching The Walking Dead…. xD 

oscar valdez says:

What is that ridículos contraption at 7:27

Devin Fane says:

I wanna know what that thingamabob the baby was riding in is.

Olivia Bryan says:

I wish I was a dog
How cute

usagi tsukino says:

Dog’s face in 2:08 is like wtf is that dude i’m scared

h gf says:

Jebdmdbdfkfbfmfignt tntntkrndmr
,f,for,tlmrf,motor,the mr,tk,, and,kem.e. I,rat,r


Brooklyn Hipsher says:

Love it it is so very funny sometimes my cat acts funnier than
that!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Johnie Papas says:

The Cats And Dogs Just Want Them To Shut Up LOL Hahahaha Very Funny Video.
Poor Animals. Jk xD

Petland Novi says:

Funny dogs and babies talking
Petland Novi ‪#‎novi‬‬, ‪#‎michigan‬‬,‪ #‎detroit‬‬

Poet Mountain says:

Woo! Squeal with Delight. 

Emmanuelle Fouchet says:

Qui y a t’il de plus Beau que cet AMOUR entre Animaux & enfants …
J’Adore ce genre de petite vidéo ….

maisie hardy says:

ok, i’ll admit, i am a cat person that desperately wants a dog

Li Hua Chang says:


dsp sam says:

Funny dogs and babies talking – Cute dog & baby compilation:

Briz Ramirez says:

Funny dogs and babies talking – Cute dog & baby compilation: so cite to watch


yasssss walking dead

Teresa Veccia says:

Guarda questo video su YouTube:

Andrea Arden Dog Training says:

Funny dogs and babies talking compilation. #dogs #babies #children

SanjayaHMD says:

huskies are awesome

Ping Pong says:

boring video, no fights and blood = boring

สุรัตน์ สุรัตน์ says:
Natalie Green says:

Awwww soooooo cute bless 

Rajni Mehta says:

Active babes and dogs. …love this video. ….. :)

enlargemedia says:

Babies and dogs are good partner. Sometime dog will take care the
baby. Both of them are cute. 

Jaide Rosette says:

Is so cute playing

Li Hua Chang says:


El mokhtar El houari says:

Funny dogs and babies talking – Cute dog & baby c… :

Kayla Brito says:

the movies in the background

hannah mallery says:

Around 2:37 look at the T.V

I love you walking dead

劉庭瑄 says:


GTAV Fan says:

Soooo cute

Uwe 365 says:

very cute!

Funny Pets HD says:

So Funny 

Gurleen Dosanjh says:

Sooooooo adorable

Lois Reighter says:

Very cute and entertaining!

Michael Mcnamara says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

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