Funny reaction to baby’s gender reveal. Boy or Girl?

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In this baby reveal gone wrong, Maisy and Finley find out if they are having a baby brother or baby sister. Finley’s (younger sister) reaction begins at 1:42. Spoiler Alert: (show more to see)

Spoiler Alert:

It is a boy, his name is Knox (not Frying Pan), and Finley quickly got over her initial reaction and loves her little brother.


Hoss Hoskins says:

I’m sorry – but building up the moment like this can’t be the best way to
prepare a child for this sort of news. Builds up expectations, fuels the
focus on one sex or another – with a 50% percent chance of disappointment
and frustration that young kids aren’t emotionally equipped to handle.

I hope that parents don’t do this intentionally just to get a video clip
they can send to AFV or hits on YT. Seems a little too traumatic for
younger kids. Even crueler than giving your baby a slice of lemon to suck

Our kids knew what their siblings were to be as soon as we did – they were
part of the whole process – before they were even focused on the practical
realities of having a new brother or a new sister. Consequently it was
never an issue for any of them.

Evony Wolfram says:

Wow to some of these comments. Kids cry guys. Sometimes for no reason at
all. This isn’t being mean. 

Smoke says:

The fact that people are complaining really shows how bad people’s
perception of parenting is. What they did on this video was perfect, they
used a fun interactive activity that the kids both related to and
understood to to relay life changing information. They also encouraged them
to freely express how they felt about the new addition and were there to
support them. I’m a creative guy and even I can’t think of a better way of
doing it – I’d probably just sit the kids down and lay it on them thick and

jeffdadude87 says:

For any parents viewing this whose kids are about to have a new
sibling……how about them close their eyes, touch the frosting, spread in
on their face, and then look in the mirror to find out their gender

Chris Hill says:

Aw poor Finnly. She didn’t want it to be a boy. Is that her name? Finn –
Leigh? I’ve never heard that name before. It’s pretty.

Jaimee Sit says:

This is mean. Her crying is considered funny?

EFP2 says:

I would get smacked if I cried like that 

Billy Eck says:

At least she has a brother I don’t have a brother or sister :,(

LyraTheWolf says:

I just feel bad that the girl’s name is Finley! What kind of person names
their DAUGHTER Finley!

Emani Raven says:

I Do not understand why the parents are laughing .. go comfort your

777Skeptic says:

Aw, kids are cute… when they’re not swarmed all over you. (I work with

Chris Hill says:

Awww your kids are the cutest! 

Oc4ever12 says:

Frying Pan! Loooool

Holly Brown says:

I WANNA NAME IT FRYING PAN! omg i love that kid

Ebizzill says:

awww…. she knows trouble is coming. 

Maycee Ranieri says:

That girl screaming the blond the girl that wanted a boy ya she is so

Ruth Boglar Visky says:

they are both so sweet and kind! 🙂 “a girl with brown hair and pink eyes”
I understand her disappointment after that :D

Minimonty24 says:

Holy shit my name is Findlay

Tgu ! says:

it would have been funny if they were having twins and the were a boy and

and the kid that wanted a boy got a girl

and the kid that wanted the girl got the boy

Jerry Chan says:

the ginger is cute, love her, don’t cry.

Neon Fizz says:

Its so funny for the first 10 seconds or so “Finley” was to intrested in
the cake xD

Benjamin Frizzell says:

0:26 She just described her perfect albino baby. THEY LIVE!

Zetsugos K says:

What gorgeous children!

Jeriah Schlader says:

“What do you think we should name him?”
“I want to name him Frying Pan!” 

Kayla Scarbro says:

I think this video is cute and funny! The little girl loves her Brother
now! It’s a cute reaction, kind of like when girls and boys are at the age
where they think the other gender has cooties! I am sure the Parents talked
to their daughter afterwards, but I feel like everyone is over reacting to
this video. I think it is so cute! 

52mas says:

She was never going to win…because no girl I have ever seen with Pink

Kaleb Bailey says:

Frying pan wooo hooooo

Natalia Sanchez says:

aww poor little baby girl and her sister is so mean she kept on saying yay
when her sister is crying

webdesignerguy says:

We know which one’s going to grow up to be a feminist ;)

Ocelot minecart says:

The little girls reaction yay not

britney crafts says:

OMG!!!!!!LOL you have to really watch this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daniela Lvy says:

Fuck you big sis

prashik bhagat says:

Don’t be so happy….he is going to be pain in ass

Casey Weburg says:

OMG its not there fault its a boy and she should be happy she gets another

Kaylee Davis says:

“I wanna name it Frying Pan!”
wait what

Siggy VanValkenburgh says:

allkids who get what they don’t want they cry till they get what they

irism says:

pretty red hair

megaflux says:

you guys had better have named it frying pan

Nicole Estrellado says:

My mom and dad were expecting a boy,PPL I AM A GIRL!

thejakeakar says:

they R sooo beautiful .,.,gorgeous family 

SamFisherCell says:

The redheaded girl is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen lol

alex bedoian says:

2:22 “YOU CAN STILL EAT THE CUPCAKE DOE” Yup definetly going to help her
get over this

Mikyel Harris says:

What type of name is frying pan? Lol

Asma Usman says:

oh my God

ElectricEmpoleon says:

I wish I had a brother… or at least a sibling

Ernesto Morales says:

Aw man tht was cute as hell btw I’m a.parent myself and trust me when I say
this YOU WILL NEVER knw a childs reaction to the smallest and simpliest
things wich can turn out to be hilarius

Jenna Fazzone says:

Aww I literally had the same reaction to my brother I feel so bad for her. 

DangerousTEJ TEJ says:


xMizzoox says:

Awh, either way the younger girl is really cute

Stefany Hristova says:

Lovely children!

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