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Amanda McGarrigle says:

cute video!!!! 🙂 i always love it when i see animals being protective of
babies/little kids <3 :3

Rachael Lillegaard says:

at 1:11 its fake

Rexiomg says:

wtf?! and look at the extra tags: psy? harlem shake?

MagicalPotatos CanFly says:

5:53 you got a lot of bubbles going there so you can catch em xD

Carlee West says:

The babie holding the monkey though. D:

Halis Akca says:

cami muezzini

vivian fourre says:

don funny

YTK says:

05:50 Best PooP ever xD

Santiago Luquez says:

Why would you scare a baby stupid!

Joseph O'LEar says:


Bailey Stack says:


Anthony Mercedes says:


Meghan Whalen says:
Vsemil Molchanov says:

Медведи Bear HD видео про Русских медведей

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