Interview with a One-Year-Old

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Our 100th Youtube Video. Interview with a One-Year-Old. I wanted to interview Jose Luis a few months before he turned two. This is what he had to say.

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Megan Ashley says:

Its ok buddy, I hit the turtles on Fridays too. 

Raihan Ahmad says:

This kid is so cute and that kid was also very innocent who’s half head got
blown by US bomb in Gaza yesterday. 

Sara R says:

Mwahahah apple juice side effects..

Natalie Freeman-Clark says:

I can’t stop laughing this is hilarious.

CuteBunnyAnimal Productions says:

When he said drinking problem then i looked at the bottom I started
laughing XD

Chubby Jap says:

I watched this video many times.
I love that he say “You need to see a doctor!!’.
funny!! (^◇^)

Václav Haisman says:

*Interview with a One-Year-Old*

Ulysa Macabeo says:

Superb! High 5! Sooo adorable & cute! Ha ha ha!:-) 

Laura Hughes says:

He is so cute!!

Abid Rose says:

Lol we have a very serious situation Huston lol 

Oatmeal says:

“You need to see a doctor” Got me laughing hard 

Jenny Butler says:

Adorable! :)

amanda rundlett says:


sonicepicwind says:

I usually don’t have much of an tolerance for children BUT this baby is SO
I could help but to laugh and just take in whatever he said. 😀 xD

LopsidedCircle says:

his name is so cool and catchy! good job

Samar Mohamed Ali says:

I always watch this video it’s so cute!!!! 

Devonne Forde says:

that baby made me laugh

Zara Far says:

Drinking problem lmao 

mat hellman says:

It’s just babble for fucks sakes. Come on mother sluts come at me bitches. 

Karissa Wan says:

i saw this like 6 times already and the people that i showed this to they
were cracking up!

bert smith says:

This has got to be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen on youtube.

Jeremy Mikhail says:

lollololo a must watch 

Matthew Gordon says:

Old one but still funny and cute!

Ladyluvs Aidonia says:

So funny love this

Tanvi Umrigar says:

bwahahhaahhaa….funniest baby videos i have ever seen…the best..!!!<3
it... that baby is sooo cute 🙂 Innocence at it's best :)

JaniceVampire says:

This is so fucking perfect..! 

Farrin Haider says:

This is soo funny lol 

Jon Von says:

Scary parent Mt father is so much better

Marfel Buludan says:

haha he’s so cute !

sarah calleja says:

oh… super cute..

simlover00 says:

wow the babbling and words matched so well :)

Mjtahed says:

WTF? Is it possible the kid one year old! have to learn about bin Laden?
You bad dad teach him something better :)

Earl Green says:

Conduct is the best proof of character. – By Our Deeds

Thành Công Nguyễn says:

This dad must be abnormal when interviewing a baby. I like the infant. He”s
so innocent.

Hasan Sultan Aljledy says:

He is soooooooooo cute

A NTP says:

Well, it was amusing. I just hope he has the hair gene from his mother.

bernard reyes says:

This sure made my day

Hope Perdomo says:

Your kid is so CUTE

Discredia says:

Your brother in law is Kevin MacLeod? :O

GraciousGal says:

Omg u are so funny!!! 

Kebbles and Bubbke Vlogs says:

Spit bubble

Nicholas Cardona says:

I have never laughed so hard while watching a video until now.

Barney Koneferenisi says:

Haha this is awesome!

lizzard_ says:

He is such a cutie pie

Zeliha Çalışkan says:

Is he really one year old ??

XPL0RR says:

Tuesdays and Thursdays, man.

GnosisMan50 says:

kids are always funny…..

Melissa Sanchez says:

You guys should check shanthinks he did one with Juilana from itsjudyslife
it’s so funny and cute

Jon Von says:

My father is better

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