Top 10 Funny Baby Videos Compilation 2014

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Puppies & Babies & Kitties OH MY! New videos all the time!

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1. Mean Daddy Hilarious Baby Video! –
2. Baby Jackson scared by Daddy snoring –
3. Mirror FIghting Ethan Baby –
4. baby peacefully sleeping…until her favorite song comes on –
5. Baby Flashes Stink Eye –
6. Funny Baby licking glass door –
7. Youngest QUEEN fan ever funny baby –
8. funny baby –
9. Hilarious baby goes on a crazy ride –
10. Cute baby girl washing windows –

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Arden Baumann says:

the second baby was funny it look like it saw a

brae bethley says:


Lisara Emerllahu says:

its adorable and funny at the same time XD

Jamie Peacock says:

That was the funnyest video ever and I liked your video by the way but It
was OK for the baby to lick the glass I loved the video;-)

Mesha Duncan says:

How many germs did they consume by licking those windows I wonder

Seirra56 says:

How’s that window taste?

peter parker says:

#PeterParker Gangnam style beschte ey

Zainah Shaheen says:

This was hysterical

FunnyFAILsCompilation TV says:

here you can see funny baby videos

SurpriseEggs4Kids says:

so cute babies:))

abby@IDI says:

This is my favorite funny babies vidio ever!!

Rose valley says:

Isn’t licking a window kinda hygienic???
⊙ ω ⊙

Lesley Burgess says:

These are just dokey

Joanna cheikho says:

Omg.please don’t let your baby lick glass doors!!

Rozana Abu says:

Top 10 Funny Baby Videos Compilation 2014:

thoha thohà says:

Molto simpatici.

Silvia Feijoo says:

That’s too funny

Erwin Florentino says:

That girl looks like a big

soccerlovingirlie says:

I find it great how more than half of these are supervised by the dads

Mari Srrn says:

So cute! !!

Emma Coles says:

Top 10 Funny Baby Videos Compilation 2014:

tenish keys says:

Top 10 Funny Baby Videos Compilation 2014:

Rachel Bragg says:

Licking it clean

kittenlover0006 says:

I love babies, there cute and so small!!!

Heather Condo says:

so sorry my daughter wrote this. I already talked to her about this stuff.

Harrison Morgan says:

Oo.55 shit thats my jam

Larissa Grassl says:

I speake english and Herman ich spreche englisch und deutsch

Lalee Uriostegui says:

this is so cute

Minah Lew says:

The baby with the paper on their forehead was priceless!!

goumana hany says:

The funniest one was when the baby was sleeping and when he heard gungun
style he started dancing 

Francisco Mendoza says:

That’s. Funnay! !!:-D 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 

Andrea Potts says:

Omg that is adorable and I love it so much!

LpsSwagLord 456 says:

Wat da heck is wrong with this baby?!?(10)

Killerboy Roblox says:

0:49 hahahaahahahaha

Loke says:

babie 2 vas real funny

pfirsich112 says:

Dieses interessante Video habe ich auf YouTube gefunden:

Maria Emiliano says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Sarahi Santeliz says:

Oreo cookiez are you raises or something 

Sunny-D Curles says:

Das ist so cute!

Top 10 World says:

so cu te (y)

Concepts of Spring says:

oh my…soooo cute & funny!

calysta montoya says:

my fav one was the 4th baby

Jess Curtis says:

Love the second and third one 

MrsPinkyoshi83 says:

266 people have no soul

cindy clay says:

whats the song at 0:52?

Larissa Grassl says:

Cool,aber auch finde es nicht lustig,wenn sich Hunde oder andere Menschen
weh tun also ich wills ja nur sagen…..

Pooja Parihar says:


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