Top 10 Funny Baby Videos!

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Baby Trouble Sleeping? Put them to sleep in 20 seconds at Watch full videos at including the full list of top 10 funny baby videos. Laughing babies, top funny babies and the most watched cute baby videos and kids.


Joy sengupta says:

Top 10 Funny Baby Videos!:

Nirmal Marian Alphonse says:

seeing babies laugh is really hearty

Brenda Luande says:

I LOVE BABIES…..Top 10 Funny Baby Videos!:

Dante Wilson says:

It’s a bald baby!:-)
I’m sorry it’s funny baby videos!:-) 

Between The Lines says:

Top 10 Funny Baby Videos!: ^0^

Dhanashree Gaikwad says:

i like it very very much

Kwame Obeng says:

I love you too, but I don’ like you all the time

Tony Marston says:

I love babies so much

Victoria Carver says:

whats the music called???!!!! please i have been looking for the name

Lovey AJ says:

is it just me or does the first baby sound like chucky?????? like if u
agree and dislike if u dont – just interested ;)

Esmerelda Egelser says:

LOL! This just made my day!

jeremy Castro says:

The babies are cute I have a baby sister and two big brothers and me a girl
that videos were so cute and funny the babies were cute so cute like my
baby sister and she is cute baby

Reian Suertaa says:

😀 like like

Kloe Emmason says:

How the hell did I get from tom daley to this? YOUTUBE IS TAKING ME

Joku Gaymer says:

en el 3 top se beia que el bebe estaba flipando :l jaaja :D

Laika Baeten says:

Haha this is so cute 😀 plies watch my video’s about my baby P’z xxx

Savannah Vazquez says:

Fuking asom

Daiana Sultanova says:

оооооо чалей

Legen Dary says:

Soooo freaking sweet

Ock Gaming says:

These babies are so damb cute

Myck Arazo says:

wow ha todo mo pay an be

James Wallace says:

top 10 funny baby videos!!!

Sultan masood says:

must watch if u wanna laugh

SiNi Del Radcliffe says:

Awe That was so cute~

beiberisgay100 says:

How did I end up here….

Tamu Malone says:

Nothing like a baby’s laugh! SOOO CUTE and sWeet!

Dang My Hanh says:

So cute and so funny

Savannah Vazquez says:

Ruling asom

Duaa Sami says:


Heather Pierson says:

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Funny.

Dominic Boothman says:

This is so funny! This is a must see

ToyaGames says:

Having a tough start to the week? Here are some funny #baby
videos to watch. Keep smiling 🙂 #ToyRental #UAE 

V Videos Productions says:

check out more funny videos

Tony K Thomas says:
Kurdistan Kamil says:

Gare caillou11


Akanksha Thorat says:
Things Worth Sharing says:

little girl asks what’s virgin , mom ?

السيد أدهم says:
Todd Carroll says:

Katrina Gurske says:

so adorable

jemjamuk5 says:

there so cute!

Federico Chegoriansky says:

Amo a los bebes

Sarai Espinoza says:

Song 00:46?

Hafizur Rahman says:

Take a look at this video on YouTube:

Maria Flavia Phillips says:

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